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Epilogue I

Six Years later

Honolulu, Hawaii

James’ POV

I trailed the tip of my fingers down her cheek, along her throat, across her bare shoulder and down to the tips of her fingers where I entwined our hands and snuggled closer to her.   I placed a tender kiss at the base of her throat and inhaled the fruity scent of her hair and the sensual scent of our love making only several hours before.

I stared down at my beautiful wife who was sleeping like an angel.   Although she looked like an angel right now, she was a she-devil not many hours ago.    I chuckled to myself thinking back so many years ago, my naughty wife made me wait until we were twenty before giving me her virginity.   Then after that wonderful night that she secretly booked and surprised me with, there were many more nights booked in hotels after that one.  We did anything and everything just to be alone together.

So many things have passed throughout the last six years.   We both went to university and got our degrees.  I ended up after two years at USD, switching universities and going to one out of state.   It was a huge decision, one that I’m glad that I made.  It was hard leaving Sophia, but the two years that I was away, made me realize even more that we were meant to be together.  Being away from her was probably the best thing for our relationship.  We started seeing each other at seventeen, what better way to test our love then to have us separate and see if our love would survive?   It did survive and my first summer back, I gave Sophia a promise ring.  After we graduated, I proposed.

I came home every long weekend, every holiday, the entire summer was spent with Sophia, family, friends and working at Connelly Construction.  Probably one of the hardest parts of being away was when Sophia had surgery again.   The first time I was home, it was during the summer, but the second time, I was in school and I could only come home on the weekend.  That literally killed me not being there for her.

 I designed Sophia’s and Isobel’s studio, I even designed our new home, which by the time we get back, should be completed.  Lucky that I have two awesome brother-in-laws seeing to the finishing touches and making sure everything is going as planned.   I was honoured when Matt and Isobel asked me to design their new home as well.   Family was definitely making my work life interesting and busy.

I laughed at my father-in-law Josh, so protective he is of his Angel’s, that when the double lot across the street from his home went up for sale, he purchased it and gave it to us, Matt and Isobel as wedding gifts.   The large lot got sub-divided and we both have built new homes on there.   Nick and Claudia with their two daughters, Alessia and Julianna live next door in the home that Angie originally purchased.   They have since torn down that older house and have built a new one for themselves.   And Tyler, well he lives just down the block from the rest of us.   When the old run down corner house went up for sale, he quickly snatched that up and has built a new house as well.   He and his fiance are living together and are planning a small quiet wedding in the Fall.  She’s a single Mom with an adorable daughter the same age as Nick and Claudia’s first daughter. The two girls get along great.  His fiance Leanne, her daughter Olivia are an nice addition to our ever growing family.

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