Problems in Paradise

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A/N: Soo, as I don't post much here on Wattpad, I thought this would be the perfect place for my new summery novella... I really hope you enjoy it! It may seem a leeetle slow at first, but I promise the action soon speeds up! Also, if you'd like to see some eye candy, there's a link on my profile for you to see the character pictures :) Let me know what you think of it, and thank you so much for reading! Love Maddie xoxo

Problems in Paradise

Chapter One

‘You got what?!’ exclaimed Morgie, her dark brown eyes gleaming as she stared at her best friend in disbelief. ‘April, are you serious?!’

The blonde girl laughed, grinning at her two friends in delight as they sat in the sunshine in the garden. ‘I’m serious! We’re off to Spain!'

Laurel still hadn’t spoken, her jaw slack. ‘Oh my god,’ she breathed. ‘All expenses paid?’ She looked up from the tickets April had handed her, and beamed. ‘This is going to be amazing!

‘I know, right?’ April put her arms around her two best friends and squeezed. ‘We have so much to do before we go, though: packing, waxing, shopping…’

Morgie sighed blissfully. ‘A holiday is just what I need,’ she said dreamily, pulling her long, dark brown hair from the casual bun she’d had it bundled into, and letting it tumble down her back. ‘I could just do with some sun, sea and sand to wash away all my troubles.’

Laurel giggled. ‘And some hot guys wouldn’t go amiss too, eh, Morgie?’

Morgie grinned, elbowing her friend gently in the side. ‘Mmm…definitely. I could do with some drool worthy material.’

April‘s eyes brightened. ‘Just think: Spanish guys!’

The three of them sighed dreamily just to think of it. April sprawled back on the grass, grinning. She’d entered a local radio station contest to win tickets to travel to Spain on holiday on a whim, not expecting to win. It had been the shock of her life to hear her own name read out as the winner, and it had taken several minutes of screaming before she could muster the inner strength to call her two best friends, telling them to come and see her immediately.

‘When do we leave?’ asked Morgie, breaking her reverie.

April sat up, her blonde hair streaming across her shoulders. ‘Two weeks tomorrow,’ she informed her.

‘God, that’s hardly any time away!’ Laurel said in surprise. ‘How are we going to fit all our packing and stuff in?’

Of the three, Laurel was the practical one, always to be relied upon to have brought plasters with her on trips and to have remembered the sun cream, and April smiled at her typically pragmatic response.

‘It’ll be fine, Laurs,’ Morgie assured her, putting on an enormous pair of sunglasses. ‘Why don’t we get started now?’ she inquired, looking at April for confirmation.

April’s brown eyes were sparkling. ‘I was hoping you’d say that,’ she said happily. ‘Let’s go!’


Despite Laurel’s worries, two weeks later, the girls were at the airport, pulling their luggage along and trying very hard to contain their excitement.

With the biggest case, April led the way, Laurel checking every five minutes that everyone had their passports and their tickets, and Morgie bringing up the rear in her shortest shorts, headphones around her neck ready for the flight. 

It all went much more smoothly than Laurel had been anticipating. In fact, it was hardly any time at all before they were boarding the flight.

‘Aww, we’re not sat together,’ said Morgie, sadly, comparing her seat number with April’s.

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