Through The Fog. Part 1

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Every morning, Caijin and I would go for a walk through the mountains that surrounded my cabin up in the hills where I keep and run a sanctuary for wolves that have been hurt or been displaced from their own territory for some reason.

I reckon that I was actually the last resort for some of these beautiful creatures my family and I have come to love. Of course, it helped when we had the granddaddy of all wolves as our pet growing up.

The original Bronx.

I have so many wonderful memories of him growing up. None of which I would ever change.

Bronx became the sire of all the wolves that were born and live on this mountain. Mumma and Dad buried him with Biddie when the time came and he went on that last walk with them out to visit his babies, as Mumma called them.

Then they surprised us by coming home with Bronx junior which we all had to laugh at since Mumma was disgusted at having to train another 'mutt' like his grandsire, the original Bronx.

But they all seemed mild compared to the wild 'wolf' that we came across that early morning when we were out on our usual walk.

It was Caijin who stopped and stared before emitting a growl towards the fog that alerted me to the fact that we were not alone like I thought. I knew it could not have been one of the wolves. They all knew me and Caij. So, I had no worries about them harming us.

They were all protective of us Jacob's kids who live here.

So it was with trepidation that we continued walking forward into the thick and heavy fog wondering what it was that Caij was still growling at. Something he was growling even louder at the more we walked ahead.

I also wasn't stupid, much. I always came out prepared for anything that might suddenly make an appearance that could or would become a threat to me or my wolves. It was because Caij had continued with the growling that I pulled my weapon out from behind my back and held it in my hand facing down to the ground.

Then I waited for whatever it was to appear ahead of us.

Very slowly, a form began to appear. It looked shaggy like a bear and it was not until the image became clearer that I could see that it was a man. A very large and rugged man. One who looked like he had been in the wars and come out on the losing side by the look of it.

It took all I could to hold Caij back from attacking the man who stood there wavering on his feet as he too looked at me with those dark piercing eyes of his.

Then I watched as he slowly dropped to the ground unconscious.

" Damn it. Now, what do I do with him?" I muttered to Caij as we both looked down at the behemoth laying at our feet.

All Caij did was to look up at me with a glance before he barked up at me before he reached out with his jaws and grab hold tightly with his teeth of the thick furs the man was wearing and begin dragging the man in the thick fur back towards the way we came.

Back to my cabin.

That was how I met Jake Manton. My wild and feral wolfman.

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