21: How you get the girl.

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Ella Pearson's Pov

I took a corner and held my wildly beating heart as I leaned against the wall trying to catch my breath.

"At this rate, I will be the next Victoria secret model." I whispered to myself indicating to all the running and hiding I was doing from Brody.

Licking my dry lips, I closed my eyes tightly feeling sorry for Sam who I had left behind with my books while running away from Brody as he called my name out in the hallways.

When I felt guilty about my behaviour towards Brody during the lunch, I thought it was for the best and he will stay away from me after that but he wasn't done chasing me.

I had a free class now and I thought of spending it with Sam but I was spending it running and hiding from Brody who don't know when to give up.

When I didn't hear any footsteps anywhere near me, I dared to sneak a peek from the wall I was hiding and towards the hallways. I was greeted by the deserted hallways.

I sighed in relief.

Squaring my shoulders, I walked out of my opened hiding place and walked towards where I last saw and left Sam.

Still paranoid about my surrounding, my eyes scanned every nook and corner waiting for someone to jump on me but nothing of that happened which made me more confidence with the growing seconds.

As I continued walking, I saw students walking on the hallways and noticed Sam's back who was reading an article put up in the notice broad.

At her sight, a relief smile stretched on my face. "Sa-"

A hand shot out of nowhere from behind me and closed my mouth. My eyes grew wide as golf balls as all sorts of scenarios crossed my mind, kidnappers, rape, psycho...but realised I was in school.

My back was pressed on a hard chest and I sniffed a familiar cologne.

Brody. This freaking psycho!

I struggled against his steel hold on me to no avail but didn't give up as I continued to wriggle and curse at him which were muffled by his hand.

He laughed a little at my weak attempts to break free from him hold which infuriated and fuelled my desire to break free from him.

His other hand on my waist tighten as he started walking sideways and inside the janitor's closet before anyone could see us.

As soon as we were inside the closet, his hand vanished from my waist for a brief second as he locked the door before switching the lights on.

Before I could even blink he had me swirled around and the next thing I know, my back was pressed against the wall. His one hand covered my mouth and the other gripped my wrists and put them over my head.

His front pressed on mine, making me immobile.

If it was any other situation and him not kidnapping me, I would have probably screamed 'daddy' at him but it was not and I was sharpening up my knife mentally to kill him in million different ways.

"Let me go." My voice was muffled from his hand and it sounded incoherent as his eyes narrowed on me.

I rolled my eyes at his stupidity before gesturing to his hand covering my hand with my eyes.

He scoffed. "You will scream." He said it as a matter of fact.

"I won't." It was muffled again so I tried to shake my head as much as I could.

He didn't believe me as his eyes narrowed dangerously down at me. He kept staring at me before saying. "You better not scream or I will make sure you scream my name." His lips pulled up in a sexy smirk at his own words making me want to pluck his eyeballs out.

His hand moved away from my mouth and he let go of my wrists. I exhaled loudly from my mouth holding my chin, I worked my jaw glaring at a smug looking boy.

"What do you want?" I snapped irritated to be so near him and in this congested closet as the urge to kiss him overwhelmed me.

Stupid hormonal bitch.

"I want to talk." His voice was deep as all traces of humour and teasing vanished from his face.

"You can try that like a normal person, you know? And not like a caveman." I smiled at him sarcastically.

"I tried a fucking lot of times if you don't recollect." Brody smiled back but there was no humour in his tone or eyes.

I huffed knowing he was right. "Okay, so what do you want?" I grumbled, looking towards the door and away from his enthralling eyes.

"You." He whispered making me snort in disbelief.

"The fuck. Be happy with Alexis and leave me alone." I snapped glaring at him.

I couldn't deny I was jealous but I couldn't exactly complain because it was my decision though I had a valid reason for that but I was still responsible.

Brody regarded me silently which made me nervous and self conscious. I shuffled awkwardly from foot to foot ignoring his eyes and his closeness.

I felt his finger on my cheek, before he swirled a strand of my hair in his finger. I couldn't look away from him, his gaze warm and curious.

"Why would a feisty girl like you won't fight back with Alexis? Why would you let her claim to be the girl I was searching for? Why will you not accept you're the one?" Brody whispered, he wasn't exactly looking for an answer as he didn't wait for me to reply instead it looked like he was trying to find the answers to his questions by himself.

Nervousness gnawed at me. Brody wasn't stupid. He will eventually find out and then what?

Brody studied me as panic set in me. Silence stretched between us as his eyes held my gaze making it hard for me to breathe.

"What does Alexis have against you?" Brody asked, his finger letting go of my hair before holding the side of my face, his thumb rubbing on my cheeks.


He didn't even let a word pass my lips as I felt his lips on mine, kissing me harshly.

I gasped in surprise which he took as an opportunity to slip his tongue in my mouth and the next thing I know, I was tugging on his hair, moaning and demanding for more.

His kiss wasn't soft. It was nothing like the kiss we shared that night instead, this kiss was full of need and anger.

He pulled away after a while and I was left breathing hard, trying to calm my heart and get my breathing normal. He sucked on my lower lip before licking it teasingly and finally let it go.

Wow. Without any argument, hands down, this was the best kiss ever.

I can kiss him all day and night and still want more. Remind me, why I didn't want him again? Oh yeah, Alexis. That bitch.

No wonder, girls always wanted him and bragged about the wonders his mouth can do to a girl in a very inappropriate and sinful ways.

A surge of jealousy coursed through my body at the thought of him with any other girl but I quickly dismissed the idea.

I opened my eyes and met his smouldering blue eyes which were gazing down at me.

"3'O clock. Be ready."

Saying this, he pulled away from me completely and walked out of the closet leaving me wanting more of his kisses.

Shit. I was a goner.


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