[42] Big Brother

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Previously on Agents:

       "Sky Army, what are you doing ba-" Boss said, only to stare blankly at Garroth. "Well, this might be a problem."


       "Agents, a word, please?" He muttered, heading into his office. "Why is Mr. Ro'meave here?"

       "Wait, you know about Garroth?" Shelby questioned. "Yes. His father and I had a falling out years ago. It's best not mentioned."

       Ross rambled, "WellwewenttothebaseandheprobablyfollowedusbutwegotintosometroublesandstuffandShelliewastheretooandshe'sworkingwiththeShadowLordand-"

       "Slow down," Boss sighed. "We went to the base and he probably followed us, but we got into some trouble and stuff, and Shellie was there too and she's working with the Shadow Lord and she made us teleport back here."

       "Wait, what? Where is she?" Right on cue, a gust of wind swirled into the center of the room, and there Shelby's sister appeared. "Sup?"

       "Okay, I can explain-" Shelbs hissed, "You better explain."

       "I came along with you guys 'cause I was bored. Well, that and because Aph's mother used to be my mentor soo... I made it my responsibility to watch over her, I guess. Plus, Shelbs and Ross are my baby cousins. You'd think I'd always protect them," she rambled. "By the way, I tried to get that key, hence why I had that façade in the first place."

       "Wait, did you say you were Aph's mom's protégé?" Jin asked, surprised. "Yup. And Shadl... he's, how should I put this. Boss? Remember the kid?"

       Boss' expression unexpectedly turned grim. "What about the kid...?"

       Max asked, "The kid? Who's the kid?" Boss and Shel exchanged glances, and nodded.

       "About a few years before Irene's daughter Jessica was born, she had a different lover. His name was Shad, also known as Shad the Destroyer- the sixth member of the Divine Warriors," Boss began to explain.

       "Wait, there was a sixth?" Cory questioned, getting a quick nod from Boss as a reponse.

       Shel continued, "They loved each other, a lot. They even had a child- the kid. But... one day, Shad went crazy. Nobody knew the details except Irene, Shad and one of their other teammates. They were on a mission, when Shad had just come back from looking around the area. But... his eyes weren't the same; they say he had this crazed, blank look in his eyes- and also had a weird tint to it. Sort of like a green color, but not quite."

       "He went ballistic and tried to slaughter a bunch of locals. Esmund, which was their teammate, tried to stop him- but there was no stopping Shad the Destroyer. Esmund did what he had to do, and put an end to it... Irene was devastated, and left the team to be a solus- solo agent. She never forgave him for what he did," Boss sighed.

       "The kid was sent to live with a new family. A few years later, she found love again with a man named Xavier, and they had a daughter named Jessica. Irene was murdered one December night, and neither Jess nor Xavier had been seen since."

       "Jess? As in, one of the youngest junior agents to be trained at the time?" Shel nodded.

       Ross furrowed his brow. "Wait- how do you guys know all this?"

       Cory asked, "Wait, so what are you saying exactly?"

       "That whoever the Shadow Lord is... he is Irene's firstborn- and Jessica's big brother."


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