part 16

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We clicked and decided to meet up later. I found out that she has a son That's 3 years old and he's adorable.

-hours later-

I got up from taking a much needed nap.I got up and went to take a shower and get dressed. I finished straightened my hair. I looked  really pretty. When I got to the restaurant she was there and was amazing. She had platinum blonde hair, crystal blue eyes,and she had the deepest dimples ever. When she saw me she waved her arm around like a crazy person, then I saw a little boy pop up next to her. When I sat down I just stared at the little boy he looked just like Andrew but his eyes were just like hers."Hi it's so nice to meet you",She said extending her hand,Shook it. "So um is his dad in his life"?,I asked staring at her hand. She looked at him then back at me."My daddy name is Andrew",he said pointing at himself.I walked out of the restaurant and drove straight to Andrews moms house.

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