Chapter Sixty: Empty

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Damn it.

You spent the weekend with some friends who live a few hours outside of London. Your husband and son stayed at home, Tom insisting that he had other things he needed to do and said that he and William could have a "boy's weekend" before the baby comes. He wished you a happy trip, though, and told you to drive safe. Unfortunately, you left your friends' house a lot later than you planned, and it's now dark. You look at the clock on the dash. Nine thirty-four. You sigh, but focus on the road.

You drive for a few more minutes before your car starts making odd noises. You look at the fuel gauge. Empty.

"Crap," you mutter.

You pull the car off to the side of the road. You don't have nearly enough gas to get somewhere to fill up. You look around, hoping to see a car, but you find that you're all alone on the empty road. You sigh and pull out your phone, dialing Tom's number.


"Tom. I need your help." You explain the situation in a hurry and tell him your location, not letting him get another word in.


"Tom? Tom, I can't understand what you're saying."


"Tom? Can you-"

The line goes dead. You stare at the phone in your hand, eyes wide and a sense of dread washing over you. You try to call again, but there's no answer. The little battery icon in the corner of your phone is flashing red. You groan and rest your forehead on the steering wheel.

"Fantastic," you mutter. "Just fantastic."

There's nothing you can do but sit and hope that Tom was able to understand you. You double check the doors to make sure that they're locked. You don't really feel like getting murdered tonight. You look out the window. The light from the moon is shining down brightly on the trees, casting long shadows. You stare at the trees, wondering what could be lurking behind them.

There could be a murderer in there. A serial killer, maybe. Snap out of it! There is no one out here. That's right. It's just you. And the man with an axe.

You sink further into your seat and keep your eyes glued on the trees.

That is not a man with an axe. It's just a shadow. Your eyes are playing tricks on you.

You close your eyes tightly. When you open them again, the figure is still there.

Did it move closer? I'm going to die. How the hell am I going to run away from a murder crazed psychopath with an axe when I have a huge baby bump? I can barely walk, let alone run.'s more waddling than walking...What if there's more than just one psychopath in there? There could be a whole army of them!

You sit in a silent panic for a few minutes, trying to figure out what you'd do if the "murder crazed psychopaths" came after you. After concluding that you would just have to die a terrible, bloody death, your mind moves on to another thought, which is equally terrifying.

What if they don't want to kill me? Maybe they want to take me back to their basement and chain me to the wall until I give birth. Then they're going to raise the baby as their own and keep me as a servant. I'll spend my life locked in the basement, only seeing my child when I cook and clean. I'll never be able to talk to him. Tom and William will never know what happened to us. They'll have to go on without us. William won't have a mother.

The tears start streaming down your face as you think about all of the things that you'd miss out on. Soon you're sobbing, and by the time you see headlights making their way toward you, you're ready to jump out of the car and make a run for it. You're almost convinced that the driver of the car is going to abduct you. An odd sound escapes your throat as the car passes you, turns around, and pulls up behind you. A dark figure steps out and makes its way to your car.

The headlights from the vehicle behind you reflect into your mirrors, and you're unable to make out the face of the figure. There's a rapping on your window, and it takes every ounce of your will not to scream. Slowly you turn your head to face your abductor. Except, it's not a crazed psychopath standing outside. It's Tom. He gives you a tired smile, washing all of your worries away.

Quickly you climb out of the car, launching yourself into your husband's arms. You sob into his shirt, and he runs his fingers through your hair.

"Darling, what's the matter? I'm right here, it's okay. Are you upset because you ran out of petrol? It's okay."

You shake your head. "I thought you were an axe murderer. Or maybe you were some crazy person coming to abduct me."

Tom tries to hide his laugh, but he fails. "Well, I am crazy, and I am going to take you home with me, but I promise I won't murder you."

"You promise?" you mutter into his shirt, a small grin making its way onto your lips.

"I promise. Now, can we get home? I brought a petrol can, but I don't think you're in a state to drive."

You nod and he leads you to the car and opens the door for you. You climb in and glance into the backseat. William is sitting in his car seat, fast asleep. Tom makes his way around the car and gets behind the wheel. You look at him and smile.

"I guess William won't grow up without a mother after all."

Tom gives you a confused look, but you only shrug and close your eyes.


Personally, I'm not really that happy with this chapter, but it's here anyway, because I needed to update. Anyway, there wasn't a lot of Tom in this chapter, but I promise that the next chapter will have a lot of Daddy!Tom. As usual, thanks for reading, commenting, and voting!

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