So I decided on making a double upload today because I'm kind of in a writer's block but I wanted to give you guys something... because I find this part so cute and I didn't want to leave you all in that cliffhanger-ish chapter. So yeah, here's a short lovey-dovey update(probably not what you're all expecting...)


-Laura's POV-

I looked at Niall, confused, I still hadn't processed what he had said a few seconds ago. Had he just said...? Usually guys didn't tell me that. No, they never did. So I wasn't expecting it. Or maybe I was expecting it but I wasn't at the same time. Maybe I expected it and I wasn't ready to hear it. Or something.

So I just kept staring at Niall for a while, until I noticed this was making him pretty uncomfortable. I looked to my right then, also kind of uncomfortable with the silence and a bit of... tension.

"I... er, sorry," I mumbled, fumbling with the sheets. I was still looking at my wall, where it had a poster of the Beatles. They were my favorite band, ever. I didn't think they're a boyband, at all. Maybe they were when they were young and still a band, but no, not anymore.

"I, um, I get it. Er... I knew you didn't like me back anyway... It's, um, fine," he stuttered. I took a peek of Niall from the corner of my eye, noticing he was blushing. His eyes were watery, as if he were about to cry. I fully looked at him then, and smiled.

"You know what?" I said. "Maybe I do."

He looked at me in the eye - finally - and lightened up a little. He wasn't bushing anymore, and he probably wouldn't cry.

"Really?" He looked so hopeful and cute. I kind of felt what people said are like butterflies. But instead, I felt them like big, fat knots and I didn't know what it meant. I had never felt this before.

"Yeah. But..." I saw his face fall, and it killed me. I had to continue with my point though. "But I... I have to make sure I trust you. We have to... get to know each other better so I know, for sure, that I like you. Or love you or whatever. But first I have to know what happened since you joined that boyband."

He nodded. I gave him and encouraging smile, and he returned it. Oh, so charming. Wait, could I think like this now? Or did I still have to push away those thoughts?

I just left myself thinking how hot he was, even if it might be a crime.

Niall had to gain my trust again for one reason: he'd lost it after not calling for so long. He'd promised he would, but he'd lied, kind of. It had hurt me, really bad. I couldn't let him leave me again, especially with my heart. And I didn't know if he'd do that now, but when if he ever got my trust again, I'd be sure he'd never do it.

"Let's go finish the movie those things we call our friends are watching?" I asked, and he laughed while we walked downstairs, back to the living room.


Aww so cute. Well at least I think it's cute, LNL (: So I'm kind of in writer's block. If any of you have any ideas(really, anything could work) I'LL LOVE YOU FOREVER!! So yeah, comment/vote/etc. if there is an etc. anyway (:

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