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stan and i we're walking our bikes to the quarry together, talking about the weirdest of things. the next thing i know, richie and eddie were with us, and then bill and ben.

"hey, maxie?" richie whispers in my ear, making sure nobody else is listening to him.

"yeah?" i turn to him, almost hitting our foreheads together. we both flinch back and chuckle silently.

"are you gonna wear your clothes when we go in the water?"

i look down at what i'm wearing: shorts and a tucked in t-shirt.

"richie, why would i wear this in the water?"

"then what are you going to wear?"

"what, do you want me to tell you that i'm going to undress out of this or something? i'm gonna be wearing my underwear, you pedophile," i roll my eyes and fix my gaze on the asphalt in front of me, grasping tighter onto the bicycle handles in anger.

"precisely," he grins, putting his lanky arm around my shoulder.

"i can't believe you," i snort, covering my mouth right after. i hate when i snort. i don't mean to, it just happens.

"is it weird that your snort turns me on?"

"ew richie!" eddie screams. i gag and start laughing, as do stan and bill.

"oh shit, was that too loud?"

"alright, who goes first?"

"i will!" i volunteer from afar, before they turn back from the edge. i walk back a little more to get distance, and glance over to see beverly unbuttoning her dress.

"wanna jump together?" i ask her hopefully, because in all honesty, i was scared i was going to die. she nods and grabs my hand, running to the edge.

"if i die, i love you guuuys!" i scream to the boys as i plummet to my death. i could even hear their cackling from afar. what friends i have.

"so richie, looks like you fell for me," i tell him, referring to his fall down into the surprisingly clear water.

he swims closer to me and holds me close to him under the water, so no one else can see. "i already have," he winks, sending chills down my spine. i've been getting a lot of those lately.

"wh-wait what?"

he puts one hand on my cheek and doesn't break his gaze with me. he begins to lean in very quickly, connecting our lips in a heartbeat. i could hear cheering in the background, soon followed by getting splashed in the face.

i was the first to pull away at the sound of screaming. "ah, fuck! what was that?"

"it just touched my foot!"

"where?" i ask, swimming over to a terrified eddie and stan who had both been hanging on bill.


"...guys, it's a turtle," i laugh at the scared boys who were shouting and pointing at the poor animal.

beverly and i were laying on a couple of towels bill gave us, talking about our hobbies and such. i glance over to the guys who were staring at us longingly, as if they'd never seen a female before. luckily they didn't see my gaze through the sunglasses i had on, so i whisper to bev. she gets up, making the rest of the losers look away. i follow her and strut towards a red richie, sitting in between him and stan.

"news flash, ben! school's out for summa!" richie takes out a stack of papers from ben's backpack playfully and inspectively.

"oh, that? that's not school stuff," ben replies calmly, grabbing and putting the newspapers he had back into his bag.

"why do you have so many articles?" i ask, hoping to take my mind off of richie's hand on my thigh.

"oh, well when i first moved here i didn't really have any friends, so i just started spending my time in the library."

i nod my head, understanding his dilemma. "well, look at your new batch of friends, ben," i smile, looking to each and every one of my companions. i hold on to richie's arm and feel warm inside, realizing that it was the best feeling i've ever had.

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