Proper smut

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Some proper smut. I've gotten a hole lot better, so here. Also thank you all sm for 1k, I couldn't be happier with the love the story's been getting and you all give me the will to update, ilysm guys.

WARNING, ADULT CONTENT, PROFANITY AND SEX Idk guys don't read if you don't like NSFW idk this hole thing has had profanity...also they're 16 in this don't sue me.

Mike walked Will slowly up his porch after a long day of school. "Thanks, Mike. You know I don't need an escort though, I'm 16, come on." Will said playfully and punched him in the shoulder lightly. Mike snickered and grinned, taking Will's backpack straps and pulling him close, his chest right up against his own.

"If it means more time with you," he purred, just above a whisper. "Then I gladly will..." Mike went in for a kiss but Will stopped him and snaked his arms around his waste. "My mom isn't home..." Will spoke, matching his tone and  laced with lust.

Mike grinned deeper and with a hold on Will, he opened the door. As soon as the two touched the foyer bags were dropped, the door was shut and Mike was aggressively forced up against it, Will locking his lips and grinding on the taller boy.

Mike moaned and slipped his tongue in his mouth, but Will pulled away. He traced a finger down Mike's chest seductively and whispered, "my room.."

In a blur they had arrived in Will's room, Mike pushing him on the bed and kissing him passionately. They're lips moved fast and roughed, saliva seeping from the corners and moans erupting from the bottom of they're throats. Will bit Mike's bottom lip, granting entrance and fought his tongue for dominance.

Mike won and explored his mouth, smirking into the kiss at the moans he heard from the smaller boy. He flipped them around, Will on the bottom and mike on top, running his hands through his hair and touching every inch of his body while Will clutched the sheets desperately and felt himself getting hotter by the second.

They broke away for air and Mike used this time to sit them up and pull off Will's shirt while he did his own.

Mike basked in Will's lovely skin and devoured it, sucking on every inch and biting it, liking up his chest and back down. Purple bites already started to form almost everywhere and he studied them proudly before going back in and making out with the boy.

He felt Will trying to get a good grasp on his jeans, but every piece of fabric slipped out of his sweaty hands so he helped him out, and undid Wills as well, moans constantly echoing through the room.

Mike pulled wills pants over his hard on and threw them across the room which was unbelievably hard.

Both boys in just boxers, they pulled away for air but still kept they're sticky body's together, as much contact as possible.

"Reddie Will?" Mike breathed out, using Will as a crutch. "Reddie."

Mike tore of Wills boxers with a loud smack and Will did the same, it seemed sweat was binding the clothes to the boys.

Mike admired every piece of him, mesmerized by will's unmeasurable appeal. He traced his finger down Wills thighs and he moaned deeply, any contact even remotely close to his member set him off and Mike loved it.

He pulled his fingers away from Will's pale skin and shoved them into Will's mouth that was wallowing in extra saliva. "Suck." He ordered and Will did just that, wrapping his tongue around every finger and coating them in spit.

Mike pulled them out, satisfied, and Will whined at the loss of his taste.

Mike picked up Wills dick and stroked it, snickering while Will flipped out. "MIKEYOURSUCHATEASE!!" He screeched and his back arched.

"Fine then, I'll hurry it up." Straight after he said that he shoved a finger in his hole, pushing in and out. "Ahh..." Will moaned and clutched the sheets tighter in his hands.

"Ready for another?" Will bit his lip and nodded, allowing mike to put in another finger which he did the same rhythm with, then another and another until all five were in and moving.

He pulled the fingers out slowly and reddied himself and Will. "I'm coming in." Mike said and put his dick into Wills hole, sharp moans tumbling out of they're mouths as Mike got deeper and deeper in.

Once he was all the way in he thrusted forward and back. "Faster." Will moaned and I sped up. "Faster!" He moaned again and I sped up even more. He moaned, satisfied and I continued. We moved in sync, pleasure shutting out any other feelings.

"M-m-mike I'm gonna come...!" "Then go...!" He came at the same moment I did, and I pulled out of him.

I fell back, so tired, and watched Will helplessly do the same.

"That was amazing..." I breathed and he nodded slowly in response, moving up beside me and curling up next to me. I pulled the blanket over us and settled into his touch.

"Goodnight, Will."

"Night, Mike..."


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