the beginning

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Walking home from school for the summer break. You are excited for the summer break, you want to play games, write a song, and draw art. You are good with those three thing but mostly you're a gamer girl.  On your way home you see a garage seal nearby seeing some of them are interesting. Walking over to it there was a old man sealing them maybe around his 70's or 80's. He looks at you and smiles. "hello young lady may i help you?" He said raspy a little in his voice as you smile kind to him. As you look around seeing three game discs. "yes may i buy these  three game discs?" You said as the old man  smiled "of course and they are free." He smiles as you smile as he gives you the discs. "thank you sir have a nice day." You said as you wave goodbye to the old man and walk home.

Time skip

You walk in your house putting your stuff in your room . Your parents are gone for a trip as you go to play the games you bought from the old man .  You look at the games discs. One said sonic exe another shadow exe and last silver exe. "what is exe? maybe a hacked games?" You ask yourself. You were a sonic fun not like a crazy fan girl type just a calm girl type. Sonic, shadow and silver are your favorite characters of all the sonic team. So you place Sonic exe first as the game starts.

time skip after playing three of the games   

After playing the games you were scared out of your mind. Taking deep breaths as you look at the computer and gasp. When you see sonic, shadow, and silver exe staring at you saying "you're next" Written in text as you calm down. "don't worry it just a game its not real.." You said to yourself as you walk downstairs making you a sneak. A dark laugher from those three hedgehogs as the computer shuts off .

Time skip   

You get tired as you walk upstairs as you lay down on your bed. Taking a deep sleep in dream land . You didn't noticed that the hedgehogs watching you smirking. "will she be a exe?" Ask the white one "not yet we have to make her as our slave and if she disobey us she'll be a exe." The blue one said as the black one stares at you not saying anything. The hedgehogs disappear in the smokes as the dream turns into a nightmare. 

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