dirty liam imagine

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i know i havent uploaded for you guys in ages but i am soooooooooooooooo sorry, iv had a shit load of gcse exams to revise for.

anyway hope you guys enjoy

-ko xxx



you were laying in bed  fidgiting with the bed covers, chewing on your bottom lip nervously. liam and the boys had gone out to celebrate tonight and you knew they would probably have a few drinks. most of the fans think liam doesnt drink alcohol because he only has one kidney...but theres also another reason; a reason that no one, not even the directioners know about; liam is an aggresive drunk, his not the same cute liam everyone loves he becomes cruel and abusive and heartless. you sigh as you graze a finger over the scar on your left arm, memories of that fight still haunt you, he was drunk and apologised right away, he always does but he'l just do it again everytime he has drink.

you hear a loud thud from the direction of the door, snapping you out of your thoughts. your hearts starts pacing 5 times faster and your palms start to become damp. you slowly climb out of bed and shakily make your way towards the front door.

when you enter the living room you see him leaning against wall with his eyes closed. you hesitate for a second on whether to just leave him or make sure his okay, after a few minutes of debating with yourself you finally make the stupid desicion to communicate with him.

"l-liam" you silently curse yourself for stuttering, if he can sense fear from you he only gets worse. his eyes snap open and slighty squint as his eye roll over your body. suddenly you realise wearing nothing but one of his baggy shirts along with some booty shorts was not a good idea. his lips curve up into a devilish smirk as his eyes take in every  piece of your exposed skin. your eyes finally meet his and  he hungry licked his lips

"come here" his voice is slurred but still hard and demanding.

"liam please just go take a shower, you'l feel better then we can talk" you try to plead with him but its no use, his eyes only grow more furious and he starts stomping towards you.

he reaches out a grabs the back of your hair pulling you towards him so that your body is now glued against his. you winced and tried to jerk your body away from him but it only caused him to pull harder "dont.tell.me.what.to.do" he growls, the scent of alcohol leaking from his lips. you can almost feel every strand of hair plucking out of your scalp. your hands that were resting against your thighs now start shaking furiously, your whole body trembles in fear and tears stream from your eyes "l-liam, your h-hurting me" you manage to choke out. 

the dark cloud of anger suddenly disapears from his eyes as they widen with shock. he drops you and takes a few steps back, tears welling up in his hazel eyes "fuck!" he gasps "what the fuck am i doing" he breathes  heavily, looking shocked as he watches you, sobbing on the ground. he rushes towards you and picks you up. he wraps his arms around you tightly as if holding on for dear life "im so sorry baby" he murmurs against your neck a wet patch already forming on your shirt from his tears

 he rubs circles on your back with his large, warm palms. cooing soothing words in your ear. he pulls away and rests your forehead against his "i love you so much y/n" fresh tears form in his blood shot eyes and beggin to roll down his cheeks "il make it up to you i swear" he whispers before conneting his lips with yours

part two will be up soon

(sex scene is in next chaper)


omfg guise i felt so bad while writing this because liam is like a little puppy and i love him so much but yeah just go with it...i swear it gets better ;)

-peace out xxx

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