Two-Hospital Trip

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Scott walked into the room to see Stiles laying on the bed phone in his hand

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Scott walked into the room to see Stiles laying on the bed phone in his hand.
"Why did I just confirm an appointment I know I did not make Stiles?" Scott asks, holding onto the door.
Stiles, without looking up replied "We have to be sure. I called Melissa this morning Scott."
"You what! Mom knows I could be pregnant!" Scott asks. Stiles looks at Scott "No. Told her that it was something else. You were not feeling very good. Which, is not a real lie." Stiles winked.
"When is the appointment?" Scott asks.
"At ten."
"Great. Does that mean I can go back to sleep?"
"Go to sleep Scotty."

By ten both Scott and Stiles were at Beacon Hills hospital, waiting for Deaton to come back in.

"Could it be a false negative?" Scott worried.
Stiles shakes his head "Let's not think about that being an option."
Scott nodded. But that thought still clouded inside of his brain.

The door opened, and Deaton was on the other side.
"Hi, Deaton." Scott smiled.
Deaton closed the door behind him.
"So, I have been told that you are expecting Scott?" Deaton asked.
Scott nodded "I think so Deaton. Wanted your opinion though."
Deaton smiled.
"Okay, then. First, I will need a urine sample." Deaton rummaged through the drawers. Until finding a clear cup, and a clear bag "The bathroom is right there." He pointed.
Scott nods.

Scott did was needed. Sealed the cup inside the bag, and brought it out. "Here Deaton." He handed over the clear bag. "Thank you." Deaton accepted the bag, and set it down.
"Now Scott." Deaton says sitting down with a clipboard and a pen "Have you experienced any of the following symptoms?" He asked.

"Weight gain?"
"Scent increase?"
"Mood swings?"
"A lot." Stiles remarked.
Scott glared at Stiles "Shut up. Yeah, Deaton."
Deaton wrote they down.
Scott nodded yes.
"Increased appetite?"
Scott nodded his head.
"And finally, since you are a supernatural creature, have you noticed any differences within your body?"
"I have heard and felt an additional heartbeat." Scott answered.
Deaton scribbled that down.
"Well Scott. It seems you are expecting."

Stiles giggled, and kissed Scott's cheek "You are preggers."
"Don't call me that." Scott looks at Stiles. "Are you sure Deaton? Can I tell mom?"

Deaton pales.
"You..did not tell your mom about you thinking you are pregnant?"

Scott shook his head "I wanted to be completely sure before I announced the news to moms. What did you do Alan?"
Deaton exhaled "I told Melissa about your appointment. She is waiting outside."

Right on cue, the door opened.
"Scott McCall." Melissa said.
She approached her son.
"You cannot be mean to me, I am having a baby mom!" Scott flinched.
Melissa looked at Stiles, he bowed his head.
"Grandma McCall." Melissa says.

Scott looked at her "You are not mad?"
"Not in the slightest." Melissa replied. "I have wanted grand babies, you know that Scott. You too Stiles." Melissa pointed at Stiles.
"Good thing Scott and I got busy some months ago." Stiles responded.

Melissa blinked, but did not respond.

"We can do this, right mom? Be parents?" Scott whispers.
Melissa cups Scott's chin "Part of parenthood is the unknown. And to have doubts. When this baby is born, all of your worries, they will feel completely irrelevant."
"I hope so mom." Scott says.
"It will Scott, I promise you."
"And besides." Stiles comments, walking over "You have me Scotty. Our baby will never have a worry in their life."
"I hope I can keep that promise Stiles."

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