Once upon a time a long 5 minutes ago Victor was hungry so he went to the cupbored. Victor wanted pairs but ALAS there were no pairs but then Victor saw something that made him forget all about the pairs Victor saw apple and in that moment he fell in love. The way apples green skin hit the lighting creating a perfect Gucci highlight Victor was in deep. Victor didn't love apple only because she was shiny and thicc he also loved the energy of happiness apple had. Victor carefully picked up apple and brought her to his room. He saw her and he couldn't let anything happen to apple. He tried to cast a spell but then he remembered he was only a knock off Maloy. He got the closest thing to it which happened to be a zip lock freezer bag. Suddenly apple rolled out of his hand and onto his lap right in between Victors thigh.

Apple was being spicy.

'Oh my'. Victor thought. He didn't want apple to think he didn't like her that way but despite his cockey attitude he wasn't ready. Apple understood and rolled of his lap. Victor noticed it was late and went to bed Un aware if the horrors that would happen in the tomorrow.

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