Obsidian: Prolegomena

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I have now just finished revising Obsidian. The following 53 chapters (plus Epilogue) are brand new and BETTER.

At the end of the book, you can search my bonus chapter. If I add it to this original book, it'll screw the rating up :P. Actually, it already has. It's supposed to be PG-13. So hopefully it'll be changed.



*The following are the POVs (Point Of Views) of the characters*

Becky Weed: the one who thinks out things and helps the others, the determined and intellegent one.

Karley Dickinson: the joker, who has ways to lighten up the atmosphere, and also intellegent.

Shawn Williams: thinks of too many possibilities, isn't as helpful as the others.

Shannon Cheula: also funny, but confused at times.

Rae Ann Schwartz: the quiet one that sits out the adventures.

Belgrim Star: the twin brother of Morgrim, who quits his bad habit and goes to the good side, also smart.

Morgrim Star: the twin brother of Belgrim, very smart, evil, and good at tricking the others.

Kylynn Kortesmaki: the one who cares for the others, has good jokes, and is smart.

Bonus character (comes later in the book):

Griffon Sonalo: the strongest of the group, besides Morgrim, who is a lot helpful, strengthwise, and very nice.




XFrom an Unknown per¢eptionX


There he was, smiling, happy. So harmless. At the moment. What will become of him? What is his future?

When you're reborn again, you never know what that life is going to be like. You never know who you are until you've lived life long enough. Just how easy is it for one thing to slip into the body of the baby and change its life forever. The good taken away, and only the bad remaining. But always, deep inside, there is the good. It just needs to be discovered. Like when you're planning to shoot a gun at someone. You stop at the last second, your finger on the trigger. You don't pull it. Something is holding you back. Because that's the good in you. Helping you.

My life sucked. The second I was born, I knew my life was going to have the worst adventure. Years passed, and as I grew older, I learned new things. I took up hobbies I somehow expected to as a baby. Somewhere inside me, I was waiting for this to happen.

When I was about thirteen, I would cut myself. I was so depressed, watching my twin do what he was so good at. Soon I followed in his footsteps. And I became better than him. I became smarter. I became worse. But the good didn't even surface. Nothing was in the back of my mind. Only my plans. When opportunities came, I took them.

Sometimes I had dreams of things that didn't seem possible. That gave me more ideas. I hoped to make those dreams come true. And maybe I would some day. Dreams could haunt you, make you anxious, make you worried. They'll do that until you make them come true. I would!

Years have gone by. Right now, I was sixteen. In a few weeks I'd be seventeen. Big deal. I'm going to have no party or anything. It'll pass like it never happened. Just how I want it.

Once again, I locked myself in my room. I'd pull down my shutters, keep my lights off, so I was able to think. And it did help. I kept getting things in my head, things so terrible, I couldn't even name them. But one day, as I was laying in bed, thinking of what I could do to make my life more exciting, my eyes caught a glimpse of a book on my desk. I never read it before. It was a new book that caught my interest at a bookstore. On its front, there was a picture of a bare tree, uprooted, and inside a light bulb. Its title is what really brought me in though: The Verses of Life. At the store, I just looked through a few pages and I was instantly drawn in.

So I stood up, grabbed the book, and lied back down in my bed. Each word my eyes took in inflamed my plan more and more. There were amazing things in this book. Things like how these verses are different dimensions or worlds. Rumors printed that if you are able to travel them, collecting a special item in each, you will gain unbelievable power. This is perfect. Why should I suffer? Why don't I make others suffer? So they could know of what I was I capable of. No one knew the true side of me. Only my twin. Well, maybe it was time I brought that out.

I turned a page in the book and a small chart grabbed my attention. The title above it said THE NINE VERSES OF LIFE. On the right side of the chart, it said VERSE, in the middle it showed EMOTION, and on the right it said EXPLANATION. I read everything there was about the verses. I wrote down a list of the nine:

The Universe of Hope

The Biverse of Fear

The Triverse of Treachery

The Quadroverse of Hate

The Quintiverse of Love

The Hectoverse of Joy

The Septiverse of Mischief

The Octoverse of Envy

The Megaverse of Anger

The universe of Hope, where we all, was the place I needed to get out of. I belonged in a more complex place, probably the megaverse of Anger, where I can live alone with all the power I need. But then should I allow the universe to stay out there? Or should I destroy it for my own pleasure? As said in the book, the megaverse controls all the verses below it. That was something to contemplate.

I came to the part where it talked about how to travel the verses. A certain orb existing in a small town. Deep in a forest, where nobody has looked before. A place I remember from a few years ago where I know a girl lives. One my twin and I have always wanted to meet. It looked like I was going to have to go there, and there was two things I wanted. Her, and the orb that would allow me to go through the verses. And both were in the town called Mount Shasta, California.


If you guessed who this was, SHIT, I'm a bad writer. Well, unless your someone named Kylynn who knows everything about my book hehe.

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