I just want to thank everyone so much for reading "Reignite". It truly means the world to me.

I'm sorry, there will be no sequel. However, I do plan on expanding and fleshing out this story. I knew I was going to halfway through writing it, but didn't want to change my game plan halfway through, because then it would never get done. Now, I can say the first draft is complete, and I will begin revising soon.

Please share your thoughts and give any constructive criticism you can. It is sincerely appreciated! Like I said, I want to flesh out this book more. If there are any scenes you think should be fleshed out, please let me know!

I don't plan on posting the second draft of this story until the whole draft is completed, so it'll probably be in 2019. Though, I'll give ya'll a heads up before I start posting the revised version.

I'd also like to specifically thank these people for their support early on:






Couldn't have done it without you!

Much love,

Jen xo

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