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i was sitting outside of the synagogue where stan was practicing his torah reading, waiting to finish walking home together. we always walk home together, i don't remember the last time we haven't.

he shuffles out and i immediately stand up, brushing  off invisible dirt on my t-shirt. i look to him and smile, but my expression soon falters when i see tears pricking at his bloodshot eyes. my gaze turns to his cheek, where there was a red hand mark noticeably present on his face.

"he-he-he..." stan starts, his lip quivering. i pull him in for a hug which he gladly accepts. "i know, stan. i know," i murmur in his ear.

"i'm glad you're my-my bestfriend, max," he whispers into my shoulder in between sniffles.

"i'm glad you're mine as well. and hey, you can come over to my house and we can order pizza, you're always welcome," i offer, pulling away and waiting for a response. he nods and we start on our journey back, hoping that the rest of the day was going to be okay.

"that's poison ivy, and that's poison ivy, and that's poison ivy," stan announces the next day, pointing to every single plant along the path. i roll my eyes as eddie shrieks and holds onto my shoulders.

"where? where's the poison ivy?" eddie shouts, stepping in the water to get as far away as possible from the plants. i push eddie off of me and make my way inside the sewer opening.

"no where!" i growl annoyedly.

"yeah, not every fucking plant is poison ivy, stanley," richie points out, holding his hand out for a high-five. bill, richie and i were the only ones to all the way inside the murky water, leaving eddie and stan on the outside in the daylight.

"well i'm starting to get itchy, now, and i'm pretty sure-"

"hey eddie, do you use the same bathroom as your mother?" richie interjects slyly, looking around the large and dark area we'd been in.

"sometimes, yeah," he admits proudly.

"then you probably have crabs," the bespectacled boy yells, making sure eddie heard him. i snickered at his comment, all of the boys - except eddie - smiling.

"that is so not funny."

"aren't you guys coming in?" i turned to stan and eddie, who shook their heads forcefully.

"uh, no, thats gray water," eddie gags, pulling out his inhaler from the fanny pack he had on.

"what the hell's gray water?" i ask them, dumbfounded at the term.

"it's basically a mix of piss and shit, so i'm just telling you.." he quickly covers his mouth. "you guys are splashing around in millions of gallons of derry pee."

richie then picks up a stick that was floating in the disease-infested water. he smirks and watches the small boy's expression change into shock.

"are- are you serious?"

"doesn't smell like caca to me, señor!"

"oh, okay, i can smell it from here," eddie protests, plugging his nose together with his two fingers.

"it's probably just your breath wafting back into your face."

"have you ever heard of a staph infection?" eddie asks angrily, tired of the back and forth bickering.

"oh i'll show you a staph infection," richie grins, throwing the stick at eddie, who shrieks and steps backward into stan. i laugh quietly to myself and continue to follow bill, only until i see something moving in the water. i jump up onto the first person i see: unsurprisingly it was richie. guess he followed me.

"there- there was s-something moving down there! did you see that! ohmygod get me out of here," i yell to the boy.

"you're lucky you're smaller than me, hot stuff, or i wouldn't have been able to catch you."

"yeah, cause you're weak," i laugh evilly.

getting off of richie, i put my arms around his neck. he turns red and awkwardly smiles. oh my god, he's the cutest being to ever walk this earth.

"hi, richie," i say, smiling at him menacingly.


i kick his foot which makes him stumble down, but before i could stable myself, he grabs my arm and pulls me down with him, making me collide with his chest.

i hear the boys laughing in the background. "looks like your plan failed, sweetheart." he smirks as i roll my eyes, attempting to get off of him.

"my plan was to get you in this dirty ass water, and that's what i did. will you please let go of me now?" i whine, trying to pry his hands off of my wrists.

"can we just stay like this for awhile?" he protests, not caring about our friends that'd been watching the argument.



"holy shit!"

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