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A/N just to let you know this has nothing to do with music this is a LEMON you have been warned this contains SEX!


Raph's P.O.V

i was sitting in my room waiting for (Y/n) to get back cause i hurt so bad right now. no im not injured, no im not depressed , and no im not mentally unstable. im in my mating season and she said she would stay with me. then i got a call from her

"hey (Y/n), were are ya?" i asked her kinda pissed "im almost done with work then ill be right down." she said sounding scared "hey hey dont be scared i ant gonna hurt ya." i said trying not to scare her "its not you, the PD are here." she wispered as she hung up 'aw fuck no' i thought as i wemt to get up when she texted me

Y: hey i just went out the back be there in 5

R; can you come any faster?


Y: sorry caps was on.

R: hurry it buns

Y: you can handle it bigg boy~ ;)

that was it i was hard as a rock now

******time skip cause Marcellus is a lazy bum******

(Y/N)'s P.O.V

the PD came in and i called the copes and ran out the back to the nearest man hole cover and jumpd don texted Raph and ran in my staletos. omg it hurts like hell 'oh fuck this' i thought as i tookk them off and ran bare foot (pun intendid wink wink ) when i made it there Leo pind me to the wal "hey babe~" he said "RAPH YOUR BROTHER IS BEING A PERV!" i screamed Raph came down and knocked Leo out and picked me up briedle styal (when he holds you with one hand uinder your knees and the other around your sholders) and walked up to his rom and set me on his bed. "um ... ya sure ya wanna do this babe?" he asked worryed "ive never been more sure." i staited as i kissed him. it got kinda heated after a cople minets when is tong slid acrose my botum lip asking for entrens, me being the teas that i am i danied. he dasided to scweese my but cheak really hard causing me to gasp and he maneged to slip his tong in my mouth. after about te minets we separated and he tuged my cloths off and through them into a random corner and sliped his finger in my V (this is what im calling it sorry if you no like)  and started thrusting "Raph!" i screamed out

No ones P.O.V

as Raph started to thrust his finger faster (Y/n) started to scream louder and louder "OH! GOD RAPH DONT TEASE!" she screamed "ya got to beg for it Babe~" he said pulling out makeing her wimper. then he inserted two fingeres causing her to moan "Ah! oh~! Raph!!!" she screamed

Raph's P.O.V

"Raphi~ dont tease~!" (Y/n) mosnd out "you asked for it~!" i said as i droped out my cock as she blushed scarket "pff i cant thats to adorable!" i said laphing as i slamed in and she wimperd in pain as she blead from her V. "its ok babe ill let ya ajust." i said holding my pasition untill she said i could start "you c-can start n-now." she stutered out as i gently started to thrust in and out "ahh~!!!"  she moand "god babe your so tight~!" i shouted as i started to thrust faster causing her to moan more "Raph~!!!" she screamed my name out as loud as she could "whats my full name babe?" i asked as i slamed and hit her Gspot head on "Rapheal~!!!" she screamed out as i started to go even faster. "RAPH IM GONNA-" she was cut off when she came all over. her walls closed in all around my dick scweasing it hard "(Y/N)~!!!!!" i screamed as i came in her and calapsed next to her. "that was.. wow" i mumbled turning to her to finrd her asleep. 'were would i be with out you (y/n)' i thought as i driffted to sleep.


this is my secont lemon first in this book (i think) i rought this to see how my loveing readers would react! i hope you like it!


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