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(Y/n)'s P.O.V.:

I sat on my bed, tears falling out from my eyes like a waterfall. I just had a fight with my parents, a really big one. I know everything would be back to normal by morning and it's not long before that since it's already midnight. But, I just can't help but cry, it hurts so much. I know I would easily kill anyone or give up my life for the sake of my loved ones but this is different.

I should go and take a walk to clear up my mind. I stood up and snuck out from my room, walking to the back door which is always locked from inside. As I opened it quietly, I walked out and closed it, I smelled in fresh air. I decided on taking a walk around the neighbourhood and then go back to my bed to sleep.

Walking around the neighbourhood, I stared at the hat shaped house, also known as Black Hat's mansion. I don't like Black Hat at all, he's cruel, very cruel and evil. Everyone around here knows about him and fear him. I don't fear him, I don't fear anything, except vaccines, sometimes, they just hurt a bit so I can't say I fear them but still (*raises hand* anyone else?). Back to Black Hat, I sometimes get chills by him, when he goes into that nightmare mode in his advertisements. I hate him with the very inch of my being, because why not? It's not like he can stop me from doing so.

As I was walking, lost in thoughts, I passed by an alley, of course, here comes the clichè stuff. I was pulled into the dark alley with a hand on my mouth.

"Now now sweet cheeks, if you scream, I'll kill you" a deep and scratchy voice whispered in my ear. What!?! I only nodded with a small frown, my heart beating like a hammer, my senses enhanced. I could see slightly even though it was dark. It's a matter of time before my eyes adjust completely.

"What do you want?" I asked in a whisper, I'd hate to break this beautiful silence.

"Just some money~" he purred.

"Sorry bro, I don't have any money on me" I said as he continued to pin my hands and legs. Why do I feel like being watched?

The man gave me a look and then looked at me up and down, checking me out. I honestly feel disgusted, goosebumps ran down my back.

"Well then, love, we can have some fun~" he purred again, his scratchy voice having a husky tone to it. My mind rushed thinking of ways to get out of this situation. What to do? What do I do? I'll have to think quickly.

"Now now, I'll have some fun with you, but I can't exactly do that with my hands and legs pinned down, now can I? It will be quiet boring like this" I told him with a pout, my heart beating crazily, I hope this works.

"Hmm.... I guess you are right, but what if you ran?" He said skeptically.

"Why would I run? I don't want to miss the fun of f*****g a sexy guy as you" I internally gagged, but I have to admit, I am a good actor.

"I guess you are right baby" he said with a smirk and let go of me.

"Ummm.... do you have condoms?" I asked innocently but I was frantic, I had no idea what I was thinking or doing at all.

"Who needs them baby!?!" He laughed.

"Definitely because I don't want a baby" I whispered as I took the opportunity and aimed at his temples with my fist, hitting him hard, knocking him out successfully. My knees shook but I was able to keep myself up. I took deep breaths, still the feeling of being watched wasn't helping so I just ignored it. When I was finally calm, I knelt down by the man and checked his pulse, hoping I didn't kill him. Luckily he was alive.

I took the chance and bolted away straight to my house, coming to a conclusion to not tell my parents about this.

Black Hat's P.O.V.:

I watched the (h/c) haired girl run away to somewhere. I grinned big following her to her home and watching as she went inside, my grin never faltering. Such a clever girl. Quite peculiar as well. She could be a great help to my evil work. Plus, for a normal human girl, she is quite beautiful too.

Yes, beautiful, smart and clever, I think I will keep her as my property. She will make a nice decoration for my lair, good for keeps, maybe I can use Flug's creations on her, using her as a labrat, maybe not labrat since I can really use another slave, 5.O.5 is not enough for cleaning and cooking both.

I just hope she will live and not die of heart attack on seeing me. My big grin never leaving my face, I walked back to the mansion.

She made a big mistake deciding to do whatever she came here to.

Oh poor girl, you have no idea what I have in store for you. Then again, you wouldn't want to find out. As I entered the mansion, I cracked up and soon I was laughing evilly.

"Soon my new pet, soon" I smirked as I wiped away a laugh tear.

Another Black Hat story, yay!

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