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"Felix! Why are you making me run so fast?!" I cried out. My face was so hot and I was short of breath. *Aish, this kid...why is he doing this to me so early in the morning, and on my first day of training*. He came to a stop which caused me to bump into him and fall, I looked up to see him grinning which made me role my eyes.

"Just do it slowpoke," he said and ran faster. I scoffed and started running again.
*time skip 30 minutes*

"We made it! I'm so tired," I said panting, and quickly ran into the cold air conditioning. "You're as weak as I remember," Felix said laughing. "Ya.." before I could say anything I bumped into someone.
"Ouch, I didn't see you there," the tan curly haired girl groaned, "I'm so dumb."
"It's fine, don't blame yourself I'm also at fault," I stated while smiling. We looked at each other and laughed at what had happened. "I'm Destiny, it's nice to meet you," she said smiling cutely. "I'm y/n, what brings you to JYP?" I asked slightly curious. "I'm actually here to see my boyfriend." She said in an excited tone. * Boyfriend? I wonder who it is. I've never heard of anyone in this company having a girlfriend.*
"Ah! There he is!" Destiny squealed, as she ran over to the boys.
Tears formed in my eyes from what I saw. * Chan is her boyfriend?* I bit my lip to hold back the tears.
I've liked Chan since I was little, and I would love to lie and say I don't, but... I do. As soon as I start to walk towards them, a hand pulls me away. The only sensation I felt was my tears streaming the sides of my face, I never thought I would say these words to this person but. "Thank you, Felix."

Felix POV
  * I hate to admit it but the face she makes while running is really cute.* "Felix?! Why are you making me run so fast?" She said short of breath. I turned back to see an annoyed face, * The things that I'd do to you Y/n, if only you didn't hate me so much.*
   "Just do it slow poke." I said and ran faster
*Time skip*
    We go into the building and I take a deep breath, *Ah! It feels good!* "We made it! I'm so tired," y/n said panting. *Aish, this girl is so weak.* " Still as weak as I remember," I said while laughing, she was about to say something but stopped when she bumped into someone.
   The girl was quite pretty, but she was not my type. Even if she was that's Chan's girlfriend. I walked away from them and spotted the boys, "Yo! Are you guys just getting here too?" I asked. They all nodded their heads, "Ah! Chan, your girlfriend is he-" Before I could finish, I was interrupted by a cheerful voice. "Ah! There he is!" I turned around and it was Destiny, she went up to Chan and hugged him. As I looked back I saw something that hurt me more than I thought it would.
     Y/n she was on the verge of tears. *Yah! You pabo, do you like him that much?* I ran over to her and grabbed her arm dragging her away from the group.
    *sniff* I didn't say anything, I just let her cry, but soon I found a smile on my face from the words she whispered "Thank you,Felix."

( Sorry it took so long I had testing and kind of a mental break down but I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter! Let me know if you guys want to see more of Felix's POV) 😊😊

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