Seducing My Secretary

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It's been long since i wrote this and it's having more reads than the one I wrote first. So I'm planning on continuing this one. Let me hear what you want to say, critiques or whatever your welcome in my comment box. I really don't care about votes I just want to hear what you want to say.  And please try giving a chance with my new one "THIEF" its a were story but differently from what I can say because I already read tons of were story here. So give it a chance pleasee.


 “Sir, here’s the folder that you’re looking for.” I heard Andrea said as she entered my office. I looked up to meet her eyes.

“Just place it here and you may leave. Thank you.” I looked back again to the paper I was signing and reviewing. My neck aches from looking down for so long. I really need to finish these damn papers so I can take a rest. Instead for hearing the door open, I heard the lock clicked close. I looked up wondering who locked the door. Then I was Andrea starts to unbutton her shirt. She slowly walks towards me while undoing her shirt seductively. She leaned over my desk and planted a kiss on my lips. Pulling away, she licked her bottom lip. I narrowed my eyes on her. Seriously? She’s seducing me? She needs to do better than that. I already have seen more than that.

Even knowing what she’s doing, I didn’t stop her. Hey! I’m a man you know. She made her way in front of me smoothly, and then she sat on my desk making my work papers crumpled. Damn this woman! I narrowed my eyes on the paper and felt pity for them. Noticing that I wasn’t looking at her, she put her hands on my cheeks and held my head up to look at her in the eye. She planted a kiss again. I felt disgusted kissing her. She licks my bottom lip asking for entrance but I didn’t allow her. Pulling back, frustration was clouded all over her face. She then trailed small kisses on my jaw down my neck as she tried unbuttoning my shirt. She was already half way undoing my shirt when she noticed I wasn’t responding. She pulled away; horror was painted on her face as she saw the anger in my eyes. I wasn’t tolerating this. I pulled back my chair as I stared back at her.

“Get out.” I hissed not breaking the eye contact.

“I’m sorry sir.” She murmured looking down and backing away from my desk to stand on opposite side of me.

“I said get out.” I repeated for her to fully understand.

“Sir, please… I didn’t mean to—“she trailed off but I cut her.

“I said get the hell out before I lose my cool!” I said raising my voice a couple octaves higher.

“PLEASE SIR!” she pleaded making my blood boiled up!

“Get out of my room! You’re fired!”  I completely lost my cool saying those words for the 100th time this past 6 months. Those sluts never know where they stand.

“Please sir! I’m sorry, I won’t do that again I promise! Just don’t fire me I badly need the job.” She begged with pleading eyes and fake tears. I already dealt with these kinds of women who only want power so they go try and woo their employers.

“If you badly need the job then why did you tried to seduce me?” I gritted my teeth to refrain myself from shouting at the woman again.

“I didn’t want to do that sir. It’s just…” she trailed off again but I never let her finished for I know all the things that come out from her mouth were lies.

“FOUL EXCUSES! I’ve heard it all!” I stated slamming my fist on my desk. I saw her flinched from the impact it cause.

“PLEASE! SIR!” she tried begging again but I lost my entire cool for the woman is so persistent.

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