8| Mega Date.

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8| Mega Date.

Annie met Luke halfway between their houses, just in case he were to get lost at this time of night. The walk to hers was short and consisted of apologies between the both of them.

"I'm going to have to introduce you to Carla, my Nanny, is that alright?" Annie stops as they take their shoes off in her porch, making sure not to get the tiles dirty. Luke smiled as she lead him into the living room when Carla was sat watching TV. "Actually..." Annie whispered, linking her hand with Luke's and tip toeing up the stairs.

"Did you just sneak me into your house?" Luke whispered, laughing as she sat him down on the bed. Luke heard the click of a door lock before Annie placed her hands flat on his chest, causing him to lie back on the bed.

"So what if I did?" Annie chuckled, sitting herself down just above Luke's waist. Just. Luke gulped, as did Annie as she was unsure of where this wave of confidence came from.

"Um, well, I suggest we be quiet." He blushed, his hands finding their way to Annie's waste and drawing light circles with his thumbs. Annie bit her lip, her hands sliding under the arms of his glasses and lifting them off his head. She placed them on her bed side table, pouting as she saw Luke squeeze his eyes shut.

"I didn't take your glasses off so I couldn't see your eyes. C'mon, they're gorgeous. What are you afraid of?" Annie whispered, her fingertips gliding along his eyebrows and down his nose.

"They used to be my best feature..." Luke mumbled, pouting his lips out as he felt her fingers dance on his cheeks. With the pad of her index finger, she ran it across his bottom lip, pulling it down slightly and watching it bounce back.

"So you hide them?" Annie giggled, shaking her head as she traced Luke's dimples. Her right hand stayed on his chest, resting as her other one explored.

"I don't know... I just don't know if they look the same... I don't know. I just feel better wearing sunglasses and I feel cooler too." He chuckled, feeling her body vibrate along with his.

"Well, they look like normal bright blue eyes. But, better. A lot more exciting and... compelling." Annie giggled, watching as his eyes opened and he blinked a few times.

"Compelling?" Luke smiled, biting his lip as his hands rested on Annie's thighs.

"Mmhmm... So pretty." She smiled, leaning down and pressing a kiss to the top of Luke's nose. He scrunched it up, giggling and leaning up to peck her lips. "So I'm not a bad kisser then? You were just being awkward all of today?"

"You're the best person I've ever kissed... and yeah, I was being awkward." His right hand traveled to the back of her neck, pulling Annie in for another kiss. And another. Luke just couldn't get enough of the presumably beautiful girl sitting in his lap.

Their lips moved together, the first time in ages for Luke and equally as long for Annie. He couldn't help but think of how much better Annie was compared to Kelly. Kelly's lips were always chapped, even if she did overload on lipstick. Annie's, however, were smooth and plump, they even tasted a bit minty.

Pulling back, they both panted momentarily before Luke spoke up, "what colour are your eyes?" He mumbled, fingers tracing her own eyes.

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