Part 26- Sleepover (Pt. 2)

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Jess' Pov

We arrived back in the room to notice that Luna fell asleep when Jin gave Luna back to me. "What happened Aph?" Travis asked "¿Debería decirles?" Sly asked (translation from Spanish: Should I tell them?) and I shook my head "Aight, aight" Sly said "We respect that you won't tell" Pbat said "Why won't you tell us then?" Aaron asked "Aaron, learn how to respect" Sly said "Aaron~" We all heard, we turned around and it was Michi then Luna woke up from her sleep and I let her crawl for a while "We should go to sleep then" Ross said "I'll not sleep for a while then since Luna just woke up, she won't sleep after a few hours" I said "Just get some sleep" Sly said "I will" I said and sat on the couch with Luna on my lap, after a while, everyone fell asleep. From what I see they are "I will never forgive Aaron for this" I said spacing out a bit. I then noticed that Luna was not on my lap anymore, damn me. Spacing out again. I looked over and Luna was at Zane's sleeping bag. I then walked over to Zane's sleeping bag and carry Luna and see Zane not sleeping yet "Hey, you're awake" I said and we went and sat down on the couch "Why are you still awake at this time of hour?" I ask "Just been thinking" Zane said "Alright" I said "Also, thanks for being the person that helped me feel better. Talking to you about things was really what I needed" Zane said "I just have the feeling that we knew each other since we were kids" I said "You actually do" someone said and we looked at the entrance and see Zianna "Zianna!" I exclaim "Mom!" Zane exclaims and we both stand up, me carrying Luna and hug Zianna "What do you mean Zianna? We never had history, aside from when we decided that Sylvanna, you and I would say that the backstory is that the Ro'Meave brothers knew each other" I said "Oh silly me, I know your mother Jessica, Irene. She was mine and Sylvanna's friend and Sylvanna brought you in because Irene said so" Zianna said "That still doesn't make sense how A--Jess and I have a history" Zane said "You and Jessica were best friends when you were all kids but separated when the Ro'Meave family had to move and eventually forgot about each other" Zianna said "I did remember of The Few, Sky Media and another kid playing with us and soon later leaving" I said "That other kid was Zuzu" Zianna said and I nod "That's why I felt a comfortable vibe with Jess.." Zane said "Yes, and Jessica. You haven't told me that you have a kid" Zianna said "Right! Zianna, this is Luna, The new member of the family" I said and Luna giggled "She's the cutest thing ever!! Who's the dad? Is it Aaron?" Zianna asked and I looked at Luna before Zianna and I shook my head "No, it isn't Aaron" I said, I then felt a pair of arms wrap around above my shoulders, it turned out to be Sly "Hey Sly" I said and he removed his arms above my shoulders and got Luna for me "Anyway, Zianna meet Sly, my husband. Sly, meet Zianna, Zane's mom" I said and they shook hands "Nice meeting you ma'am Zianna" Sly said "Jess, you have a nice husband. He's already better than Aaron" Zianna said "So Jess, you want anything?" Sly asked "Breadsticks?" I ask "Sure, Zianna? Zane?" Sly asked "Sure" Zane said "That's okay for me" Zianna said "Alright, though you have to sleep later Jess" Sly said "I will" I said and gave Luna back to me and left "Heyy Aph~~" someone aid from the cages and we looked at the cages and it was Travis"What?" I ask "What are you doing up so late?" Travis asked "As if I would answer you" I said and noticed Zane moved closer to the cages "Hurry up why you called me over" Zane said a bit of anger in him "Don't you want your friends out of this torture cage?" Travis asked "You were never my friend to begin with, only Jess" Zane said "We talk to you, you just never talk back" Travis said "Why would I? I know it's just to do some kind of work" Zane said "Just let me out" Travis said "There is no reason for me to let you out, so why bother?" Zane said and someone from behind tapped my shoulder, I turned around and saw Sly holding a plate of breadsticks "Go and grab one" Sly said and I got one and so did Zianna and Zane. Soon later sleeping.

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