Chapter 12: Kind of a Date, Right?

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(Sorry I had too, this is my favourite fan art)
It was the middle of the day, you were preparing for your date, it was just going out to dinner, so you decided to wear (your choice) to the restaurant, Ace decided to go out with the exeeds, you could say she was very independent, but you always liked her that way.

You were at Lucy's house because you weren't all the one for dressing up with all elegance and style, since you know, her fathers was one of the wealthiest men in Fiore living in a village-sized house, you thought you could learn a thing or two from her, she even picked the dress for you at the grand magic games ball.

" and sting huh," she said with a sly smirk on her face as she looked at you through the dressing table mirror, you immediately blushed "yeah" you replied flustered embarrassed to even give eye contact.
"All done" Lucy cheered at her completion to finish styling you, " thanks a million Lucy" you thanked standing up and and leaving, " oh wow, you must really like him if your giving me a million thanks just for styling you" Lucy cooed as the door closed, you flustered even more, but you just ignored it and continued to walk back to your apartment at fairy hills. On the way many of your guild members complimented you.

"(Y/n), you look stunning today" Erza complemented from behind, "oh, um, thank you Erza" you replied rushing to your apartment, " (y/n), is that you, you look so pretty" you heard Wendy chirp, "t-thanks" you replied rushing off as fast as you could to avoid the public eye, you didn't really like attention, so you try to avoid it as much as possible, unlike your brother, the dragon pyro.

——Time Skip——

you were waiting for Sting, all dressed up in your (y/c) outfit ready for the date, he was suppose to pick you up at 8:05, it was 8:10, five minutes late that was fine right.
You were nervous because it was your first date, lots of people thought you were pretty , even hot, but they were all intimidated and didn't want to get beaten and burnt too the bone by Natsu for all these years.

——time skip brought by Wendy and raining plums—-

It was 10:00 at night, you gave up on waiting and hung at your house, you were more disappointed and annoyed than sad or upset, you got stood up on your first date, you actually expected this with any other guy, with Natsu and all, but after the grand magic games with Natsu's victory you guess it was ok, but still very disappointing, the master of Sabertooth.

(the quick question is Sting, the weakest guild master? He did lose to a wizard that wasn't even in an S class rank, and he is a guild master)

Instead of just thinking of how disappointed you were, you got ready and actually dressed up just for that one night, so you decided to walk all the way to the other side of town where the Sabertooth guild.

—-time skip—-

You pushed the door open there was no one there, but the lights were still on, you walked through the hallway and saw a door with the sabre embalm on the door it was fancy and decorated, made it look like a shrine for a god, you knocked on the door.

"Hmm, come in"you heard an exhausted voice, you slowly entered the room seeing large messy piles of paper surrounding a desk at the end of the room, then you saw a figure at the desk, you could recognise it stung, "who came to the guild this late" he asked not change his focus from the paper, so you assumed it was the guilds paperwork.

"I-um, I let myself in since there was no one inside" you mumbled observing the office, you were about surprise to see a couch in the office, he suddenly lifted his head and stared at you, you avoided fed eye contact, "(y/n)!, my bad, I forgot about the date, I was so caught up in the paperwork an-" he was explaining in a frustration and somehow reasoning and apologetic voice " oh, it's fine, it must be hard to take the role of guild master" you assured with a closed eye smile, " but, well, I don't mean to intrude, but mind if I help you with your paperwork, if it's ok" you asked approaching the desk.

"If you want to, I mean, no it's fine, you stony have to be caught all up in this" he said stretching his arms, " oh actually I like this kind of stuff, I help with the paperwork at fairy tail, it gets me away from the lava brain and metal head drama in the guild hall" you said sitting on the desk and looking at the paper, " um ok them, thanks for the help" he said

——-time skip———
You feel asleep there and it turns out sting has been sleepwalking for a week now because of the less sleep his got, the parts of his brain were so tired that they were too weak to stop his body from moving at night, and so he staged your sleeping for onto the couch and hugging you around your waist in his sleep.

You suddenly woke up, it was early you could tell because the sun was just rising, " he's coming" you said out loud, "hmmm, who" sting yawned waking up and moving a bit, " HE'S COMING" you shouted, jumping off the couch and turning around you saw a red-faced sting with a bloody nose with a dumbfounded look, "WHO!?" He shouted in a panic, you grabbed him by the back of his collar of his jacket and threw him out of the window forgetting it was a two-story guild, you then sighed in relief, but you were to soon, burying through the door was fired up burning Natsu, ready to kick some ass, " WHERE IS HE,I CAN SMELL HIM" he shouted breaking the doors down with the least are in the world, " who?" You said with an innocent expression, " you know, sting the guild master, the master of all the wizards I just beat to a pulp, you sweatdropped, "weeeeeeelllll, he said he needed a breath so he went outside" you lied putting an innocent face covering you lie, " oh ok, wait a minute, why is there a broken window" he demanded not giving up, " well he jumped out of the window, you know the best breeze is from jumping out of a window" you said not losing and of the fake innocence.

"Oh yeah, great I'm going to fairy tail and eating until there was something else better to do" he said exiting the room, you figured he was stuffing his face this morning until he realised you weren't around or if one of the girls told him, " he must be stubborn or really dumb to jump out of a window of a two-story building" you overheard Natsu say, realising you quickly looked out the window and saw sting swimming his way out of the pool, you sighed in relief once again

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