1: Freed at Last

All I could hear were the piercing screams of just another girl through our shared wall, number 12.  

Just another girl kidnapped and either sold to another sleazy jerk, or they were kept here for some 'entertainment'. It made sick, the thought that humans could do such a vile thing...it made want to through up, but it never really come out.  

Another scream, making a shudder ripple the length of my spine.  

I could tell that it was Katie, she was probably the oldest of the group and by far the most messed up.  

She had dirty blond hair, with big brown eyes and pink lips. They often had to inject her with some drugs just to make stop screaming so much.  

The screams got louder and louder every second. And I closed my eyes, wishing this away, dreaming of being in a different place, seeing the familiar faces of my family, but the air smelled to foul for me to dream any longer thus bringing me back to reality.  

I pulled my legs up to my chest hugging my knees tightly as the screams continued. When they stopped was when my heart froze.  

I was next.  

I sent a silent prayer to God as I heard some shuffling and then a sigh from the only entrance of the small enclosed space.  

He walked over to me, a grin on his face.  

My heart stopped and I closed myself in the small shell of my body. I caved, and tears threatened to fall. I set my head down on my knees, causing my jet black hair to fall at my side, I could feel my heart pounding out of its cage, raging with fear.  

When I didn't hear anything was when I knew something was wrong, the quietness catching my curiosity so I looked up.  

This one was different. He wasn't Robert, the baldy with one tooth and a very small package. And he also wasn't Ricky, the best looking of the group, and youngest, but by far the dirtiest.  

This one was a man, probably around his twenties.  

For one thing he was tall; skinny but muscular. His soft brown hair spiked and he had subtle green kind orbs as eyes.  

He came closer and at that time I saw a badge pinned onto his belt around the waist, my prayer had been answered. My breath came out in a sigh and I jumped up off of the cold cement floor and into the arms of the officer, crying and asking him to not let him get me.  

He rubbed my bare back and hushed my worries away as he shrugged off his black shirt and slipped it on my tiny frame; intoxicating me with his fresh, clean cologne.  

I totally forgot that I was naked; only having my lingerie, which was all beaten up and worn out.  

He picked me up bridal style and carried me out as I hid my face into his warm naked chest.  

"Emery and Jayden, Where are they; are they okay?" I asked my voice hoarse and croaky from several months of no word articulation.  

Emery is my best friend, ever since birth we were like conjoined at the hip. Jayden is my little sister; we were about two years apart.  

"Do you mean Emery Richardson and Jayden Stone?"  

"Yes them, are they okay?" I asked, heart pounding, from worry.  

He smiled and nodded, his face brightened as we reached the entrance, my eyes stung from the sudden exposure to light, due to the fact that I had locked up on this hell hole for months.  

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