Before You Read

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Hello there~ Thank you for choosing this book to read :)
Please vote, share and add to your reading list if ya'll like it. Oh, and don't forget to follow me~

Here are some announcements before you read, okay?

1. Requests are open! Just in case I ran out of ideas because I suck 😶 but when there's already too much requests, I'll decide if I will close it or not.

2.Sorry in advance if there are wrong grammars and such. Cause I can't really speak  that good in english ehehe.

3.I sometimes update very fast or slow, it depends on my mood and my time. I'm also human so please understand, lolol. So please be patient.

4.Every part is different. For an example, you got Momo in 'Your Sibling' then you got him at the other one. Let me say it again,

5.If there are any mistakes that I made, please tell me so I could edit it.

And, that's the end of my anouncements! Thank you guys so much for choosing to read this book! Hope you enjoy!

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