Chapter Three

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Jax's POV

"Little mate, you're awake" I stuttered, I didn't really know what else to say. "Are you thirsty? Here I got you a glass of water in case you were". Why was I all of a sudden nervous as I handed a full glass of water over to her. I expected her to take it from me strait away but she just shrunk back from me as I held the glass out for her. Why would she shy away from her mate? Mates are something we're told about and look forward to finding our whole lives, someone who completes us, someone who understands us and we them completely.

I frowned and held the glass out further to her, "please little mate, you need to drink to help keep your strength up. You have quite a lot of injuries on you."

Ever so slowly, like she expected me to pull the glass away from her at the last second, she reached her good hand out to take the glass, her eyes cautiously staring at me the whole time. I just gave her a nod in encouragement and a small smile as she took the glass from my hand but as she did our fingers brushed together ever so slightly, causing the magical sparks to happen again. At the shock she yanked her hand away, spilling the water all over her and the bed in the process.

I suddenly heard her heart rate pick up a mile a minute and looked into her eyes to see them on high alert.
"I'm sorry...I'm sorry...I'm sorry" my little mate whispered over and over again and she started to anxiously clean up the mess.

"Hey...hey it's okay little mate, it was an accident. The sheets need to be changed and cleaned anyway so don't worry" I said in the most calming tone I can muster.

My mate froze and looked at me from her lashes with her head down, showing the typical submissive pose everyone shows to their Alpha. Usually it pleases me when people look at me like this, it shows me that they respect me and trust me to look after them but that look on her just felt wrong. She was my mate, my equal and the only person in the world I would hate to feel like they had to submit to me.

I reached my hand out and tilted her chin up so she was looking at me, trying desperately to ignore the flinch she had when she saw my hand coming towards her.

"No little mate, when you look at me I want to see those pretty eyes of yours, please don't shy away from me"'I smiled at her and at my words she blushed slightly. I smiled at her reaction, happy that she was feeling the mating bond too.

"Would you like a shower little mate before we go to the hospital?" At my words she frowned slightly and looked down at her appearance, apparently just realising that she was covered in blood and mud and with twigs in her hair.

She blushed again and looked up at me, looking slightly embarrassed before nodding her head slowly.

I smiled, happy that I had finally got a reaction out of her that wasn't a flinch. "Come on then little mate, let's get you in the bath shall we? I'm not sure if you could stand properly in a shower at the moment with those cut feet". I reached out to carry her and help her into the bathroom but as I got closer she scurried across the bed and away from me in fright, what had happened to my poor little mate to make her so fearful of everyone?

"It's okay angel, I'm not going to hurt you I promise, I was just going to help you get to the bathroom. I could never hurt you my sweet little mate" I muttered, hoping to soothe her a little.

She stared at me apprehensively for a few seconds before slowly nodding her head, whether it was in understanding or giving me permission I don't know but I slowly inched forward, not wanting to scare her again. When I reached her I tucked her bad arm into her, making sure it was out of the way before slowly taking her weight into my arms and carried her bridal style to the bathroom. She flinched slightly but I ignored her as I was to focused on her weight or more accurately, lack of. I could feel all her bones in her body as I held her close to me, as if I could protect her from even the air around her.

I walked into my en-suite and sat her down on the counter by the sink before turning around to fill up the bath with some nice warm water. As the tub was filling I turned around to face her, there were so many questions running through my mind but I didn't know where to begin. What was her name? What pack was she from, if she even was from a pack? How did she end up on the boarder on my territory and who the hell hurt her so bad.

She started to fidget uncomfortably and I realised that I had been staring at her quite intently without realising, to lost in my own mind.

"My name is Jax by the way, what's your name little mate?" I needed to know her name, I bet it's beautiful, a beautiful name for a beautiful girl. I looked at her expectantly but all I got was silence from her as she stared back at me.

"Please little mate, I need to know your name" I pleaded. I had never pleaded a day in my life but today I seem to be finding myself doing a lot of things that I had never done in my life.

She frowned for a second before shaking her head slightly and I growled in frustration and turned away from her, not wanting her to see my anger, why would she not tell me her name!

I suddenly heard a whimper from behind me and I turned quickly to find her silently crying with her good arm covering her face, as if she was protecting herself. I quickly walked over and knelt in front of her, hoping that if I stayed low I wouldn't startle her anymore than I already had.

"No-no I'm sorry little mate, please don't cry...I can't stand to see you cry" I whispered as quite as I could, as if my voice alone could scare her. I slowly reached up and took her good hand in mine, loving how the sparks were still there between us. Sparks were a good sign, it meant I hadn't scared her so much that she had rejected me. "I'm sorry I upset you little mate, I just...I want to know your name so bad and not knowing is killing me, me and my wolf" I muttered.

She looked at me in confusion before scrunching her nose up slightly and looked off into the distance, as if she was concentrating on something.

She was gone for a few seconds but when she came back she looked like she had made her mind up about something because just when I was about to ask her if she was okay she opened her mouth and I heard the most beautiful voice I could imagine.

"A-Annabelle. My name is Annabelle".

"Annabelle" I breathed and I'm sure my face looked like it was about to split in to. "I was right, a beautiful name for a beautiful girl".

She blushed again and turned away, trying to hide it from me but I gently took her chin and turned her face so I could look at her, I could look at her face all day.

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Today I am recommending Her Human Mate by @Elizabethbloodstorm as it's different. What if she was the werewolf and her mate was human? Worth a read!

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