Calm The Fire: 66

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“Search them!” Legolas ordered simply. Those who were on the outskirts lowered their arrows. Those who were close by took to following through with this. Legolas merely reached down into the inner pocket of a nearby Dwarf.

“Hey, give it back! That's private!” Came the exclaim in retort to his action.

Legolas looked at the picture in his hands. “Who is this? Your brother?” He asked calmly.

“That is my wife!” Came the short reply.

Tilting the picture Legolas looked at the other beside it. “And what is this horrid creature? A Goblin Mutant?”

“That's my wee lad, Gimli!” Legolas was then lost for what to say next, raising an eyebrow he just looked at the dark eyes which were looking up at him. He merely looked over at a fair haired Dwarf who seemed to have weapon after weapon being pulled from his person. Each weapon which got found caused a sigh to come from the owner.

“Gyrth in yngyl bain?” Legolas asked while noticing Tauriel walking into the clearing.

She looked at the Dwarves and then at him. “Ennorner gwanod in yngyl na nyryn. Engain nar.”

With this he turned away and looked to a sword he was suddenly presented with. Looking curiously at it he took it from the Elf's hands and picked it up. “Echannen i vegil hen vin Gondolin. Magannen nan Gelydh.” Legolas moved the blade from hand to hand and looked at it appreciatively. With a serious calming tone he looked to Thorin, “Where did you get this?”

“It was given to me.” Thorin replied.

Legolas looked from the sword and then to him. He didn't believe him. Not by a long shot. Lifting it up he pointed it at Thorin. “Not just a thief, but a liar as well.” Not giving him a chance to reply Legolas called for them to be led away.


“So it has come to be that you find yourself wandering Mirkwood's paths again.” Náriel looked up from the floor to Thranduil. “It has been so long. I wonder what has bought you back. Are you becoming sentimental?” Rolling her eyes she looked to the side at the torch lit room. “Of course not, you're not one for sentimentality, are you?” She shot him a sidelong look. “Or you are, just not for here.” He tilted his head to the side and leant forwards in his throne. “Why are you here?”

“By accident.”

“That is all?”

“Aranhi bought me here because he was told to by Legolas. If I was caught just by Legolas I’m sure I’d still be here.” Náriel said dully. “Would it please you if I told you that I got separated? And that the trespassers are no doubt fending off spiders in the dark?”

“Oh,” Thranduil leant back after a few moments of silence he pushed himself to stand. He looked down at her coolly. “Fending off, yes,” he looked around at the few busying people further away in the visible wooden corridors across from his throne. Sharply his eyes darted back to her, “And then bought here.”

Náriel frowned and stepped forwards only to be tugged backwards by a guard. “Really?” She asked gesturing to the guard. “Is this necessary? I’m not a threat, least of all to you. You've taken my weapons. As I’ve already said, I am of no threat.” Thranduil smirked and nodded at the guard, they backed off. This caused Náriel to smile.

“Tell me,” he stood and swept the long trail of his cream white robe out of his path as he slowly walked down the stairs from his throne. Náriel took the moment to shift from foot to foot. His blue eyes looked down at her with that calm reserve she had known all to well. He hadn't changed, in all the years they had been apart, Thranduil was still the same. Stoic calm expression, though now he looked at her indifferently, quiet slow guarded steps, and the slightest of hand gestures towards the guards in the room to fully disappear. “Was the reason for you leaving worth it?” He tilted his head to the side curious of her answer. Seeing as how Náriel frowned lightly and shifted a serene light smile appeared on his face. “You don't know how to answer.” He stated, her awkward disposition and inability to fully look at him said it all. “Interesting,” Thranduil looked up and around the wooden room around them. He watched the flickering of nearby torch light before turning and walking to towards the small platform of which they were both standing on. He entwined his hands behind his back and looked over his shoulder at her.

“For...for my heart, yes, it was worth it.” Náriel said quietly and slowly.

“And now?” Thranduil questioned in a blank tone.

“,” Náriel frowned and looked to the ground.

“Come here,” Thranduil said while looking forwards again. He listened to Náriel's quiet approaching footsteps. She appeared by his side with a confused expression on her face. They stood in silence for a moment before Náriel looked around. She had almost forgotten the intricately carven sculpted wood of the palace. A small smile appeared on her face. From this vantage point the two of them could see several little corridors. Up above winding wooden staircases went up the trees which made up the palace. “And now you are confronted with what you've left behind and you find yourself torn. Do you continue to follow through and do what you deem is the right thing? Or do you stay with your family and return to the life you knew?”

Náriel blinked and quickly looked up at him. “You'd allow me to come back...and to pick up active service...despite of everything that happened?”

“What happened happened, Náriel. We cannot go back and change it.” Thranduil said while turning from her side and walking slowly back up to his throne. “I believe we were both in the wrong. Your actions and how I handled them.” He looked at her with a sidelong look, his eyes narrowed thoughtfully before looking upwards and giving a slow nod. “Think about it. Go clean up. It looks as though you have travelled far and have had very little time to rest up. I will send someone to collect you when dinner is to be served.”

“All right,” Náriel gave a slow nod and took a step back. Frowning she stopped and looked at him. “Will Legolas and Tauriel be there?”

“Perhaps,” Thranduil sounded thoughtful. This seemed to cause a small smile to appear on Náriel's face, nodding one last time she turned and started to walk away. She looked up though when Aranhi started to follow after her. This caused her to sigh lightly, this was just like old times. Putting her hands in her pockets she continued to walk along the stretching corridors with her quiet escort trailing after her slowly.



Are all the spiders dead? - Gyrth in yngyl bain?

Yes, but more will come. They are growing bolder - Ennorner gwanod in yngyl na nyryn. Engain nar.

This is an ancient Elvish blade. Forged by my kin - Echannen i vegil hen vin Gondolin. Magannen nan Gelydh. (Can I just openly say, I am not wholly sure I have got all this Elvish right. If I haven't, sorry, please correct me if I am wrong, thanks xD)

(A/N: My reasoning and thinking is...Thranduil is quite a sneak (putting it lightly) and I think he'd try anything to keep Náriel to stay in Mirkwood, hence the promise of returning, because he knows that she wants to return, I mean she has already said previously she wishes to return. Though yeah, not when it's in that state, but meh. You'd return home despite of it all if you were that homesick I think. I’m rambling, oh well, bye xD)

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