⚜️Re-write: Chapter 3⚜️

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It takes me approximately two minutes to accept the mind demon... thing... as normal. By then Mika's already peering at me like a fucking doting mother, and Lola's asking me if I 'need a snack or anything', while promptly offering a granola bar from whatever mystic storage unit she has.

Colette, strangely enough, is sitting at her vanity with her head in her hands.



We're like, connected?

"Unfortunately? Yeah."

Like... Force-bond connected or identical twin connected?

"Dunno. But whatever it is beats whatever the hell I was doing before. On the topic of that, what's the date?" Asks Asuramaru.

I sneak a glance at my phone while Mika inspects my head thoroughly for injury. August twenty-seventh, two thousand and seventeen. One AM.

"Oh. That brings up... a number of alarming questions on my end." He makes a huffing sound. Somewhere in my mind I can envision him— long violet hair and crimson eyes— stroking his chin and tapping his foot in thought.

More on mine as well, then.

"I can tell. TLDR; I'm a demon, some mad science shit has us mentally connected, and starting today you are indefinitely stuck with me, my powers, and all the emotional baggage that comes with it."

Asuramaru goes quiet.

"Shit, I'm your goddamn fairy godmother," He says, groaning for the next thirty seconds without pause.

"Are you sure you're fine?" Mika asks for the fifth time.

"Yes, I'm sure, get off my dick," is what I would have said, had Mika been any of my other friends.

But he's not.

Mika's my friend from seven years ago that I had thought to be dead until now, only to find him in some freaky ass circus where he's the shock factor for the audience.

He's also my friend that looks emotionally fragile as hell at the moment, so—

"I'm fine. Really. Don't beat yourself up over it," I insist.

Mika draws away from me hesitantly, as if I might suddenly Not Be Okay if he turned away. Then he's drifting across the truck, leaving me, Lola, and Asuramaru in the back.

"Sorry you got dragged into this," Lola says from her seat. She looks all around herself for a moment, and only turns back when she deems the conversation private. "Mika was trying to figure out every way he could to prevent this, and has been for years. But the Ringleader's too influential, and the plan backfired. He'll be like how he is today for a couple more days, but trust me, he's way better normally. Not like how you knew him, I bet, but he's still Mika. Just older."

I nod. It's all I can give her as a response. She gives me a bright smile in return for such a simple gesture.

I manage to take a three-hour nap before Asuramaru wakes me.

"Dude holy shit call your mom," is his opener, my whole body tensing as he forces me awake.

Dude, seriously, couldn't it wait—


Oh fuck.

I scramble up, fumbling with my phone and pulling up her number with ease. My hands shake all the while, and remain in such a state even as I hold the phone to my ear.

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