I wanted to tell you guys that I am currently writing the book two of MY PRINCE. 

Here's a short part of CHAPER 1

               “I love you,” Luke said while holding my hand.

               “How many times have you told me that today?” I laughed.

               “Well, you are going back to your country and I’ll be busy studying. I don’t know how we can see each other or even talk – “

               “Remember the time you said ‘We can make this work’? I know we can make this relationship work. We love each other too much,” I said looking straight at him.

               “Just – just don’t talk to other guys. Even if he’s more handsome that me. Or have a title,” Luke said with worried eyes.

               I exhaled. “Luke.”

               He looked at me.

               “I love you.” I said.

               He smiled at me. That smile of his that makes my heart melts. “I love you more.”

               He kissed me softly and said, “I’m sorry.”

               “For what?”

               “I’m thinking too much.”

               “That’s alright. Luke. Promise me you’ll never talk to other girls. Even if she’s more beautiful or smarter than me,” I told him. “I heard there are so many liberated girls in universities and – “

               “I’m only yours,” he cut me off. I nodded. “So, Princess, are you free tonight?”

               I smiled. “Are you asking me out on a date?”

               He laughed. “No. I’m just asking.”

               I pouted.

That's it. LOL. The book two is not yet finish. As soon as I finish writing it, I'll be posting it. Thanks for the wait guys! 

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