Calm The Fire: 65

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The sun and air had never felt so good. Bilbo relished in the sudden cooling air and the warmth of the setting sun. The sky was turning slowly pale pink, the white clouds where getting tinted by the setting of the sun which was now low hanging in the air and turning orange.

Opening his eyes slowly, Bilbo looked around. Hearing quiet fluttering he looked around as many small winged forms appeared around him. From his climbing he had disturbed a great number of blue tinted butterflies. He looked up and watched them fly about, with a clear head he looked away from them and looked ahead.

“I can see a lake!” He exclaimed, his voice echoed over the air. “And a river...and the Lonely Mountain!” He laughed quietly, feeling achieved with this. Looking down he looked back through the branches. “We're almost there! Can you hear me? I know which way to go!” He exclaimed. Though he received no response. He frowned and looked forwards and then down again. Though granted if the Dwarves hadn't been so impatient for Náriel's return, they'd know exactly where they were going and he wouldn't find himself up a tree. “Hello?!” He called down, he let out a sigh and looked back to the sun, giving a small flinch he frowned. “Hello,” he said when he felt a tugging feeling. Ducking back down amongst the leaves he looked around, slowly standing he looked down to see thick webs covering his feet. So much for not touching the webs. Though he'd already previously strung one earlier on. “Look...come on!” He said impatiently while going to take a step forward only to find himself falling forwards off of the branch. He managed to reach out and grasp onto a branch in his descent. He suddenly came to a stop yet he looked slowly to the side when he heard something stirring. The form of a beady eyed hulking spider broke through the webs and lunged at him with its mouth wide open. A horrible screech echoed out from it as it tried to get him. In his defence Bilbo let go of the branch and went falling downwards again. His fall came to a stop this time from the help of a web. He landed on his back and watched as the spider fell down from above and took to wrapping him tightly up.

Being dragged along the floor in his web cocoon Bilbo slowly came around. His eyes opened slowly as the dragging motion stopped. What greeted him was feeling hands from the spider above him. With as much skill as possible – while being wrapped in webs – Bilbo unsheathed his sword and stabbed it upwards. It impacted with the spiders soft underbelly and it coiled around the blade and tried reaching down to him. Bilbo kept his arms stretched upwards to keep it as far away from himself as possible. Eventually its legs started to curl and it fell to the side off of the branch. With it gone, Bilbo was safe to sit up and pull the webs off of himself. They clung heavily despite being so thin at the same time.

Looking up when most of the webs had gone, Bilbo looked at the other small packages which were hanging from the trees. He had found his companions. And much like himself they were being tended to by huge spiders with tentatively poking hands. From hearing their friend being killed, the spiders all slowly turned and with alarming speed, which Bilbo didn't think possible from beings as big as them, they all made their way over to where he was hiding behind a tree.

Slowly he hunkered down with his eyes shut as a spider started moving past. There was one thing at this point in time which could prove useful. Slowly reaching into his pocket he pulled out the golden ring which Gollum had dropped those many months ago. Not wasting any time he slipped it on. The world turned into a motion blur of greys and dark hues.

“Kill them. Kill them! Eat them now while all their blood is running.” A sinister whispered voice said. Bilbo tilted his head to the side. It was a spider, with the ring on he could understand what was previously chattering and clicks, was actually a language, one which he understood perfectly.

“Their hide is tough. This could be juicy inside.” Another spider replied while reaching out and taking to poking one of the small packages. The small package kicked back.

“Stick it in. Stick it in. Finish it off.”

“Who needs it alive and kicking?”

“Kill them, kill them now. Let us feast, feast, feast!”

Bilbo by now had stood and watched the moment unfold. Hearing pattering from behind him his eyes widened as he ducked down as a spider came charging forwards. When it was close to him it turned upside down and continued running towards its comrades.

“Kill them now!”

“Feast! Feast!” The spiders were all clambering and clinging onto the poor cocooned Dwarf. Picking up a nearby piece of wood, Bilbo easily threw it to the side. This stopped them. With unblinking dark eyes the spiders lurched forwards. “What is it? What is it? What is it?!” With something close to elation and excitement the spiders charged off to find the source of the noise.

A lone spider remained though and had taken to picking at the Dwarf in front of him. “Fat and juicy! Just a little taste.” There was a mumble from the package, when Bilbo looked closer he could see it was Bombur who was unfortunately getting the spider's attention. With Bombur suddenly cut down the spider stood over him reaching out slowly, it let out a pained noise though when it was suddenly hit from behind. Bilbo's sword ricochet off of it. The spider turned and with growls and shouts it lunged for him, or at least where the spider thought Bilbo was. With repeated strikes Bilbo continued to attack the spider in front of him. It was an action which just caused the spider to let out more frustrated noises.

“Curse it! Where is it? Where is it?!” The spider shouted.

Bilbo took the ring off and smiled, “Here!” He said in a whisper. As the spider lunged forwards he lifted his sword up so it penetrated the spider's head.

“It stings! It stings!” The spider shouted as the sword was retracted and it fell to the side off of the perch.

Bilbo looked thoughtful, as the spider fell down to the ground with a thud. Lifting his sword up he looked it up and down. “Sting. That's a good name. Sting.” He said firmly with a nod and commenced walking forwards. The webs which stood in his way got easily cut away with Sting. When he reached a dangling form he reached up and cut at the webs which kept it hanging. With slowing motions thanks to the webs the form slowly fell downwards. With efficient speed and skill Bilbo managed to cut everyone down.

“Where's Bilbo?!” Bofur exclaimed as he wriggled out of the webs.

“I'm up here!” He replied though he wasn't sure if anyone heard his response as a spider appeared in front of him and tackled him to the branch, there was a struggle which resulted in Bilbo pushing Sting upwards and the spider squealing from pain as it coiled its legs around Bilbo as they rolled to the side and fell from the branch.

While Bilbo got separated from the rest of the group, those who had managed to escape the webs had found themselves suddenly battling against the spiders. With speed they scattered along the criss cross paths of webs and went straight for the Dwarves.

Bombur got tackled to the ground and grabbed onto the spider's mandibles to stop it biting down on him. His friends rushed forwards and grabbed onto a leg each. With great effort and a lot of strength they pulled at the legs they were holding onto. It didn’t take long for the legs to get pulled apart from the body and the carcass of the spider to land on Bombur. Being pinned under the lifeless form caused him to stare wide eyed.

Standing up Bombur soon joined the others in running away. Turning suddenly Thorin led them to a small clearing. He stopped short though when a spider sailed down on a web from above. He lifted up Orcrist only to stop. His eyes travelled to the branches above. A form dressed in green quickly ran along the branch, it clasped onto a web and swung down. It landed on the spider with a small grunt, the spider let out a sound of protest as it got pushed down a small slope. The green clad form skidded on its back along the ground and quickly stood up. In effortless motions an arrow was pushed into the bow and pointed at Thorin, he in return frowned and lifted up his sword more. Hearing quiet creaking it became apparent there were more arrows being notched. All around them, Elves stood aiming arrows at them.

“Do not think I won't kill you, Dwarf. It would be my pleasure.” The arrow got notched a little more in the bow as blue eyes stared down at him unblinkingly.


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