Writer's Note

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If you recall, Nana Ana's Secret Hideout was improvised using input from some awesome bloggers. The official story I wrote ended with "Part 16."

The Bad News

The rest of this story doesn't exist in a superbly edited ready-to-publish format. (Sorry.)

The Good News

After concluding the original short story, I mapped out the remaining adventures of Anders and Eirik for the fun of it (because I wanted to see Nana Ana's world, too, and to experience/learn the histories of her friends/acquaintances, specifically the herald and Alfred). And so, no, Anders and Eirik's story does not end here. 

The Bottom Line 

I'm more than happy to pursue publishing the remainder for you but, clearly, that'll take some time.  New chapters of Nana Ana's Secret Hideout will recommence in May. 

My Hopes 

I hope you find the resulting story enjoyable and satisfying; and that you see absolutely none of it coming. 

**UPDATE on 12/23/2018** 

The beginning chapters of the sequel to this adventure will be published in the coming week. Enjoy!  

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