Part 8: Alola's Pokémon League

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~a few days later~

[Name]'s POV

"How do the clothes feel?" I ask Dulse while sitting on the couch in the living room of my house. "Rather... comfortable. How do I look?" he asks and walks into the room in a white, cotton, long sleeve shirt that he has rolled up to his elbows; a pair of teal skinny jeans; and white sneakers. "You look cute," I giggle and he blushes and runs a hand through his shaggy violet hair. "T-thanks," he whispers and I stand up with Mew floating beside me. "Dulse? What would your dream starter Pokémon be?" I ask and he taps his chin. "I like the one that goes by Eevee. It has multiple evolutions and I want to learn more about it," he says and my eyes sparkle.

"Perfect! I actually have an Eevee in my PC Box! I could give it to you as your starter," I tell him and his eyes widen. "You don't have to. You've done too much for me as it is," he says and I shake my head. "Nope! Come on! We need to head back to Poni Island, anyways to finish up the last part of my Trial. Mina told me that I have to collect the rest of those flower petals to truly finish her trial. So since I got all them, we can give them to her, and I'll get my Eevee out of my PC and give it to you," I tell him and he nods. "Thank you, [Name]," he smiles and I nod. "No need to thank me, let's go!" I grab his hand and pull him outside. I call Charizard and we climb onto the riding gear and head off for Poni Island.


"Thank you for the Eevee, [Name]," Dulse chuckles while his Eevee sleeps in his arm. "No problem. I hope to battle you one day when you're stronger," I smirk and he smirks back. "Then I'll get stronger for you," he states and I chuckle. "I do hope that battle takes place at the Pokémon League. I am undefeated," I tell him and his eyes widen. "Y-you're a Champion," he stutters and I chuckle while walking over to Mina's house. "Try Champion of six out of the seven regions. If I become Champion of Alola, I'll be the World Champion," I explain and he gawks.

"So, even if you do make it to me and lose, it'll still be very impressive," I tell him and we walk into Mina's house. "Welcome back, [Name]! Did you collect all the petals?" Mina asks and I nod. "I did. Though I wasn't expecting to battle each of the Captain's," I tell her, remembering seeing everyone. "Well, you did it. Now, lend me those seven petals you collected for a second," she tells me and I give them to her. She turns around and does something before facing me again and holding up a multi-colored flower.

"Here you go. One Rainbow Flower! I made it from the petals," she hands me a case with the flower in it. "That leaves us the final question. Where's that Totem Pokémon?" she asks and the door opens and in flys a Ribombee. I smirk as my Raichu does battle and she wins after a few minutes of both sides taking blows. "You and your Pokémon are a pretty good picture. You are too great of a Trainer, so this is for you. The Fairium Z," she hands me the Fairy-Type Z-Crystal and shows me the moves to do. "You finished all your Trials so all that's left is the Grand Trial. It'll be Hapu's first which is pretty exciting," she tells me and I wave before leaving the house.

"That was an astonishing battle. You're an amazing Trainer," Dulse smiles down at me and I meet his smile with my own. "An admirable job. To complete Mina's challenge with ease is definitely an achievement. Meaning..." Hapu trails off while walking up to me alongside Hala. "Grand Trial time?" I ask and she smirks. "Yes, it is time for your Grand Trial. I'll await your arrival on Exeggutor Island," she tells me before waving and walking off. "So the time has come for you to wrap up your Island Challenge. I even had an all-out battle against Hau and held nothing back... and I was defeated in spectacular fashion! You all have grown from the Island Challenge, and you will keep changing Alola. I cannot imagine anything more delightful," Hala grins and walks away. "So are you going to go?" Dulse asks me and I smirk. "Of course I am! Let's stop by the Pokémon Center first and heal my Pokémon, then we can go," I chuckle and he nods, walking beside me to the Pokémon Center.

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