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 a/n the show they are talking about is The End of the F***ing World

"How could you bring him into our house!?" Gabe yells at Ryland, "this forty year old man who's name is William!" Gabe says crossing his arms.

"I got fucked by William's dad," Ryland says, "isn't that enough humiliation in it self?" Ryland smiles at Gabe which just makes the younger roll his eyes.

"My dad's totally gonna yell at you," Gabe says, "he's coming tonight from work," Gabe's cocky with his words. Gabe's father is a pilot, he travels the world. Gabe stays at home to look after Ryland, and Ryland looks after Gabe.

"Does he know that your boyfriend is living here?" Ryland asks Gabe, crossing his arms. Gabe rolls his eyes at Ryland's words.

"One, William is just staying here in the meantime." Gabe says putting up one finger, "Two," He says putting up his second finger, "Also, my dad wouldn't care about William being here once he hears your news,"

"Speaking of William, where is he?" Ryland says looking around the apartment, "We were supposed to start that one Netflix show about the teenage boy who wants to kill his girlfriend."

"He's talking to his mom," Gabe says biting his lower lip, "H-He's kinda upset," he says back, Ryland pats him on the shoulder. 


"Is that why you never let him visit," William asks quietly to his mom. William is laying on Gabe's bed looking at the ceiling, trying to calm himself down. The divorce didn't effect him as much as this is. Even as a child William could handle a divorce, sure he had a few cries, but he knew what to do, but now he can barely utter any words.

"William, I'd rather much have this conversation in person," His mother says. William knows what she's doing, she's running her hands through her hair, the phone would be on speaker, he's seen her do it too many times before.

"Mom, I don't even want to be with myself right now, let alone you." William sighs, "I have to go, I love you,"

"I love you too, william." She says back, William hangs up. He lets a single teardrop leave his eye, it's like he's 11 all over again, but this time he's 17 and understands a lot more.


"What are we even watching!?" Gabe asks both of the two boys around him. Gabe and William and tangled in each other's limbs, sitting on the couch. Ryland is laying down on the flood next to the couch, right in front of the coffee table. "Like, is he trying to actually to kill her, all she said was that his skating was shit," Gabe scoffs at the tv characters.

"Gabriel," William says sternly, "Me and Ryland have restarted the show because you decided that you wanted to watch it, and now that we have you need to wait a while," William says.

"But," Ryland stands up in front of them, "Those are valid questions. Does anyone want food?" Ryland walks to the kitchen in effort of finding something.

"No," William says not missing a beat. "Chex-mix!" Gabe screams, "AND THE CHEDDAR KIND!" Gabe screams, making William shake for a second.

"Holy hell, don't scream," William says to his boyfriend. Gabe leans in and kisses his cheek, "That's not an apology," William says.

"Sorry babe, here," Gabe grabs the Chex-Mix from Ryland. "You can have some of this," He says to William. William takes some of it and keeps it by his side.

"I'm inviting everyone to come over to watch this with us," Ryland says to Gabe, opening his messages app.


The Saporta apartment is filled with a different variety of shoes, from sneakers to combat boots. Gerard,Z,Ryan,Brendon,Ray,Pete, and Butcher all were free, so they're all here. Gabe isn't worried that his dad will be mad, since he knows his dad, he won't be mad. Ryland brought up the bean bags and lawn chairs from all around the house, but since the two couches are already there they have more than enough room.

"OHMYGOD!" Ryan screams looking at the TV screen, "THEY JUST KILLED THAT MAN!" Ryan screams which makes everyone laugh, "BRENDON! DID YOU SEE THAT?" Ryan asks his friend who's in shock.

"William," Z says, William pulls away from his boyfriend's lips and looks at her, "When does your mom want you back home, I can drive you," Z says.

"Oh, I'm staying the night actually," William says to Z because he doesn't want everyone to know about his family businesses. She nods her head and goes back to watching the show.

"What episode are we on?" Gabe asks William.

"It just changed to the fourth episode, they just killed the rich guy who owned the house," William says to his boyfriend. William pushes Gabe's hair back, and fixes his earrings. "You should take them out, your ears are turning red," William says. Gabe puts his hands over his ears and pays attention to the show ignoring William's words.

"They're gonna get caught," Gerard says before taking a bite of his veggie burger, "I mean, he's putting his knife in the fucking pool, they're gonna get caught."

"Okay, but what if they don't!" Ray says back, having total confidence in the two teenagers.

"But they will!" Gerard explains, "They're dumb, and besides that guy alyssa hooked up with will probably rat them out."

"She didn't hook up with him!" Ryland and William scream at the same time, "IT WAS ABOUT CONSENT!" Ryan pratically screams, "GOD GERARD PAY ATTENTION,"

"GABE'S NOT EVEN LOOKING AT THE TV, HE'S JUST LOOKING AT WILLIAM!" Gerard screams, Gabe turns a hot pink and gives a shy smile to everyone.

"I-I'm watching," Gabe says, "William's not complaining, so I'm not going to stop," Gabe says looking at gerard then adverting his attention to William.

The night ends at 2am, it ends with Z and Ray carrying Brendon and Ryan. Gerard is carrying everyone's bags. Gabe waits at the front door for everyone to leave and to make sure they all walk out safe, "Text me when you get home!" Gabe says to gerard who's already far away. William lays the afghan on Ryland's sleeping body.

Gabe meets William in the living room, "I thought your dad was coming?" William asks.

"He texted me, he's arguing with his boss over his payments," Gabe says, he kisses William's forehead, "It's nothing to be worried about," 

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