Chapter 10

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 Two weeks had gone by and working for Pierce had made it easier for me. He was smiling more and I could finally start a conversation with him.

I found him an apartment suite just a few blocks from the office. It was a penthouse suite that was located in a 20-storey building. I hadn't checked with a real estate broker regarding the interior of the place but I already suggested it to Pierce via e-mail. He probably had visited the site over the weekend since he told me that he loved it. He told me that he had already signed the papers to own the apartment suite. He was scheduled to move within this week or the next week.

When Friday morning came, I woke up early to the smell of greasy bacon. I hurried out the door and saw Hugh stirring some eggs on the pan.

"Good morning, birthday girl!" He greeted excitedly.

I rolled my eyes playfully, "Hugh, my birthday is not until tomorrow. But I'm not complaining." I grinned as I took a seat on our kitchen counter. I was already full of energy with Hugh's effort to make me breakfast. He was the best in baking his moist dark chocolate cake, literally speaking. Every year, he would make one for me. I was turning twenty-four tomorrow yet I still love the idea of birthdays and cakes.

"Vee, what's your plan for tomorrow?" Hugh asked as he served me a plate. I dug my fork onto the scrambled eggs and took a bite off some crispy bacon strips.

I was in thought for a few seconds as I slowly chewed on my food. "Hmm. I want to help you bake that cake for me. I'm not sure what to do after. Probably stay indoors and watch a movie."

Hugh rolled his eyes, "So typical of you. It's not going to happen. I'm taking you out."

"I don't want you to take me to a club." I groaned.

"You're going to have fun with me whether you like it or not." He smiled mischievously. I wasn't really fond of Hugh making plans for me. I was sure he would take me out to a club, like what happened last year. It was dark, noisy and people were sweating all over.

"Just take me to Disneyland, please." I begged him. It was after all every child's dream to go there.

He snorted, "Not going to happen. I'm taking you out to dinner and maybe get a few drinks after then go home. Deal?"

"Fine," I let out a sigh. I couldn't say no to my best friend. He was really trying. In fact, he was the only one that kept me from rotting inside this apartment.

He squealed a little too loudly, "Great! I have an outfit that you could borrow. It would go great for tomorrow night." I was too tired to argue with Hugh so I just smiled and sincerely thanked him.

I got ready for work and headed out. I was on time when I arrived at Alexander Corporation. Bob greeted me at the door. He had the morning shift this month so I haven't had the time to catch up with him whenever I headed out from work.

"Ms. Bailey!" someone called out from somewhere. I turned to my left, I saw the receptionist, Brenda who was waving at me. She signaled me to come closer to the reception desk.

"Hey, Brenda. Good morning." I smiled and greeted her. She smiled back and said, "Hi. I just wanted to let you know that there would be a meeting that would occur at eight o'clock today."

I checked the wall clock that was above Brenda and saw that it was almost eight o'clock. Nobody told me about a meeting and it wasn't scheduled on my planner. Pierce must have called an emergency meeting but I should have been informed first since I was his assistant. I was in a jumbled state. I just thanked Brenda and hurried my steps to the elevator.

I questioned the situation in my head as I came to the elevator and pressed the button to the fortieth floor. I entered the lounge, nobody was even waiting around and the area was quiet. I went inside my office and settled my things down. I prepared my planner, a pad of paper and a pen. It was for me to take down notes during the meeting.

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