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As the days grew colder and shorter Zach was tired of just waiting.
There were a couple of times when he pulled out his phone to call jack and tell him that this little game of hide and go seek was over and to come and save him.
But, every time he clicked the button he was greeted with the dead battery symbol.
Of course he forgot one of the most important things.
Who remembers a charger when the thrill of an adventure is at arms reach?
Zach has liked jack since grade eight.
They were best friends in kindergarten but of course Zach didn't care about sexuality back then.
He only cared about having the coolest nerf guns and being friends with jack.
The two boys were inseparable.
Zachary Dean Herron and Jack Robert Avery.
The trouble makers.
The best of friends.
That night they preformed for the talent show, Zach was going to tell jack how he felt.
They were seniors.
Zach has waited so long for this day.
But then he decided jack didn't like him back.
So he bit his tongue and lied.
They still are inseparable.
Except for now, since Zach is in the middle of nowhere.
Some days during zachs stay in this ghetto barn he wondered why no one has come to save him yet.
He thought they were happier without them and were too busy to care.
He also wondered why he didn't just get in the damn car and drive home himself.
But then he realized it was because he had made a fool of himself.
Leaving just because he couldn't get a man.
His man.
Zach had acquired more scars on his wrists since he's been here.
Obviously he didn't forget his razor.
He wasted his days away by playing and singing along to songs that reminded him of jack.
He would also just stare into space for hours at a time.
Recalling memories he had with jack.
At night, before he would fall asleep, Zach would cut.
The countryside sounds drowned out his cries.

Enough about Zach, lets go see what jack is up to.

After Christina pulled Myah out of the car they all continued the search for Zach.
Corbyn's hacking skills weren't on point so they ended up in the next state.
They soon realized Zach couldn't be there and he was somewhere in L.A still.
At night they would find the nearest motel to sleep in.
Jack insisted on having a room to himself.
He would cry himself to sleep every single night.
Wishing Zach was there to comfort him.
Him and Daniel would FaceTime before jack's breakdowns.
The two were still madly in love.
Sometimes Daniel would whisper things into the phone and jack would become aroused.
After they would hang up jack would stroke himself through his boxers and cry wishing Zach were there making him like this instead of Daniel.
He sometimes wondered what would've happened happened if he would've just kissed Zach at that talent show.
Instead of doing what he's wanted to do since grade 9 he just lied.
In the car he would always hum Zach's favourite songs.
He would do anything to bring his precious Zach back to him.
So that's the end of the chapter.
I tried something different this time 😉
I don't know which way of writing I like better.
Give me some feedback so that this becomes a more enjoyable book for you.


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