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you were on the villain's team. you and Alejandro found a tape that showed mike was really mal. you confronted him stupidly. you were behind the cabin. " so.. I know this whole shtick you are putting up... mal." you said with a glare. " hm..  you are very clever. how did you find me out?" Mal said with a smirk not turning around. " that is for me to know. and for everyone else to find out by themselves. alejandro tried to warn them. they didn't believe him. it's Thayer fate." you said crossing your arm.  " you speak the truth. the hard truth, you don't sugar coat anything or try to save someone you already know is long gone. I like that about you" he said. " don't flatter yourself" you said rolling your eyes. " oh believe me that's now who is trying to flatter" he said smirking and turned around and looked at you with a smirk. that smirk made you feel tingly and a chill shot up your spine.  he started to step closer to you. " so.. how long have you known?" he asked. " Alejandro told me the day before he got voted off." you said watching him carefully making sure he didn't try anything as he circled you as you watched each other closely. " very clever girl.," he said. "I could use someone like you on my side.." he purred. " what makes you think you can even hope to persuade me to join you?" you said with a raised eyebrow. " hmm.. I have my ways sweetheart. " he said with a smirk and a wicked gleam in his eye. he got closer to you and kissed you smirking. you melted in the heat of the moment and kissed back. he pulled away and whispered. " was that enough to persuade you?" he said smirking. " I don't know. probably not" you said smirking. "hmm looks like il have to try some other methods to get you on my side. " he said smirking. you had a feeling it was going to be a long night.

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