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As if the sound of the elevator suddenly burst our little bubble, I draw a sharp intake of breath. Henry takes a step back and clears his throat, and without looking at him or waiting for him to follow me, I step out of the elevator and walk up to Mr. Wilson's assistant's desk. "Good morning, Carla. Mr. Davies is here to see Mr. Wilson," I say with a forced smile.

She nods and gets up. "Good morning. Follow me, Mr. Davies. Lauren, you can wait here." She points to the chairs in front of the office.

I sit down with an angry puff, trying hard not to look at Henry, and once he's gone, I let out a long, slow breath that I've seemingly been holding since he approached me in the elevator. I cross my arms in front of my chest and tap my foot. I'm pretty sure that by now, my blood pressure is through the roof. What was Henry thinking? Is this some kind of game for him? He's never flirted with me before or made any sign that he saw more in me than just a friend. So why now? Why here?

Carla comes back out of the office and sits down at her desk. "He seems nice. Hard to imagine that he is related to Mr. Davies, senior."

I nod without turning to her, still staring straight ahead. "Yeah."

Carla looks at me and tilts her head. "Are you okay, darling? You seem a little flustered."

I clear my throat and turn my head in her direction. "Yes, I'm okay. Just a little tired."

Carla nods and doesn't say any more even though she doesn't look convinced. Time to snap out of this.

Ten minutes later, the office door opens, and Henry and Mr. Wilson walk out. They exchange a few more words before they shake hands. Mr. Wilson turns to me as I get up from the chair. "Ms. Cartwright will take you to your office for this week now."

I nod and look at Henry.

Big mistake. All my nerve endings stir and tingle, and the need to be closer to him grows at such a scary rate that it makes me feel nauseous and tense, and that even though his actions from earlier confuse the heck out of me. If this keeps happening - this effect he suddenly has on me whenever I look at him - I'm bound to die of either a heart attack or a stroke by the end of this week.

I clear my throat and avert my gaze. "Follow me, Mr. Davies."

And that he does - into the elevator, out of the elevator, without saying a single word. When we reach the office, he grabs my arm before I open the door. "Hold on."

I turn and look at him. Again, big mistake. His beautiful blue eyes study me curiously, and they seem to be looking right through me. His gaze is warm and heats up my insides, and the smile on his lips along with his touch makes me swoon. I barely manage to hold back a sigh.

Dammit, Lauren! This really needs to stop!

"Are we okay?" he asks softly.

I blink at him. "What do you mean?"

He takes a deep breath. "You seem upset. Is this because of what happened earlier in the elevator? I was just teasing. I know that the Not-Work-Lauren is in there somewhere; I just wanted to talk to her."

I sigh and give him a forced smile. "I get that. Sorry if I act weird. Everything's okay."

"So we're good?"

"We're good."

Suddenly, the office door opens, and we turn to look at Ben, who smirks at us. "I thought I heard voices. What's going on here?"

Henry lets go of my arm, and I clear my throat. "Nothing's going on." I walk past Ben and into the office. "Okay, Henry's here, so now you can start. Is there anything else you need right now? Otherwise, I'll go back to my desk to do my actual work."

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