what the hell?!?

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I slowly open my eyes. I remember the wolves and me fainting. Oh my god! The legends are true. This explains so much. I look around me as I sit up and notice that everyone is sitting in the room. Looking at me .

I see Seth and run to him. Giving him a big hug.

"Sesy, are you okay?" Seth asked me as we let go of our embrace.

"Yes, I'm fine. I knew you guys weren't on 'roids. This makes sense to me. Besides I grew up with these legends that aren't legends. Wait so you all turn into wolves. But Emily is an imprint. So is Kim and Clair. " I gasp as I realize something. "The Cullens are vampires. Aren't they.Bella is married to a vampire. Wait does that make Renesmee their daughter? Bella is one too. I'm sorry Jacob for the things I said. Renesmee is jacobs imprint right?" I said a little fast.

"Yes all of that is true. The boys were right you are smart. You can't tell anyone about us."Sam says to me, then going serious.

"Of course not. I would never. Besides I don't have anyone to tell." I answer.

"She doesn't have any friends. No one likes her once the bff's of hers left." Leah says .

"Leah!" Seth yells.

"No, she's right. Once you left me no one wanted to be my friend. But I got used to being alone but I still talk to Seth when no one was looking." I said .

"So Seth was talking to you in secret?" Embry asked.

"Yes he did and I'm glad he did." I replied.

"Why?" Sam asked me from the door way.

"I wouldn't be here if Seth didn't talk to me." I whisper.

"What do you mean you would't be here?" Embry asked.

"I would be dead."I said

"Why?" Emily sadly asked.

I look at everyone and see that some are guilty.

" Because I had no one. My family left me when I was 11 years old. i have been living with an aunt ever since and she doesn't care about me at all. the guys where all i had and then they left. i felt worthless, unwanted, and useless. but then Seth would talk to me every day after you guys left and that made me feel better. He actually found me trying to kill myself. But he stopped me. I cried for days. I actually started to believe what you guys where saying about me. I wanted to end my life so many times even before you all changed. I was in a hell no one could get me out of. But then Seth helped me and I was starting to feel better about myself and eating too. I was never fed when at home. My aunt really didn't like me." I tell them and I can see they where not okay with i said.

"Sesy. we are so sorry." Embry says as everyone nods.

"Why don't you live here?" Emily asked me as she sends a glance at Sam. He nods his head as a yes.

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