Chapter 2

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'I hate checkups.' Thorn thought to herself.

She stood in Shockwave's laboratory on bored the Nemesis. He had done a thorough scan and found she had no weapons on her person, along with the obvious injures.

"Thorn, I will commence work on replacement limbs for you. It will take some time to complete the new appendages. In the mean time, I have found you are unarmed, this will not be tolerated. Here."

He handed her a staff. The staff is a retractable stun staff with one end replaced with a trident. He also gave her a sai( a three pronged dagger).

"These will enable you to defend yourself better."

::Shockwave report to my throne. The Predacon has returned.::

::Yes lord Megatron.::

"Thorn come."

The scientist walked out of his lab with the femme not far behind.

On the throne platform. The predacon was indeed back. Shockwave and Thorn both tented to him. Thorn stroked him on his left side, were she could keep an eye on the shifty seeker, and bucket-head.

"What a grave disappointment, this must be for you, master. And to make matters worse, because it can not speak. We have no way of knowing why the predicon failed, so miserably. Poor mute, mindless, creature." the SIC spoke.

Thorn could feel the trembling, of rage, rack through his body. She brushed her servo on his check-plating, and looked him in his optics. The predacon calmed down just a little bet under soft gaze, full of understanding, she understood he was not mindless.

 . . . Time skip . . .

Thorn stood on the top of Darkmount with the predacon by her side. The two looked up at the sky and watched it. the teal and purple femme longed to be in the skys again, but she know it would not happen any time soon, not until Shockwave made her new wings, at least. Her mood had brightened a bet after he had stated he would make her new limbs. She opens her staff, it was as long as she was tall. 

:: Thorn, you are on stand by. Darkmount is under attack. You are to stay with the predacon, until I com for you::

Shockwave ordered. Thorn looked up at her friend. 

'Those autobots are foolish to attack she place. Don't they know they will dye if they storm this pit. Well the idiots are brave, i'll give them that much.'

As explosion rocked the mount. Thorn steeds herself by leaning on the beast. She watches as the seeker armada launches from the Nemesis. They fly down and attack two bots. From her perch, she can not tell who they are, only they destroy her allies. She watches as the remaining troopers fall back. 

::Thorn unleash the predacon::

The order was clear. Thorn locks optics with the beast, she touches his helm, and gives it a cress.

"make me proud." She whispers in a soft, raspy, musical voice. He nuzzles her, then walks to the edge, looks down, hisses, and takes off. Thorn walks to the edge to watch her only friend fight. A autobot ship swoops in, the predacon flies after it. A ground bridge opens up, the ship pulls up just in time. The beast flies through it.

'NO!' the femme thinks, she clenches her servo into a fist, and waits for her orders. Starscream is on the thrown platform with her. He is gloating about the loss of her friend. 

'How I want to slap that smug grin off his face-plate'

::Thorn assist me in stopping the autobots::


Thorn runs to the edge on the platform and jumps off. She takes out her staff, while in free-fall, she hurls it straight at the side of the fortress, several feet below her. The trident end sticks our of the building, she lands on the end, flips off and up, grabs the end of her weapon, then falls down to the ground, she sticks a perfect landing, right next to Shockwave. The bulky mech transforms into his tank form and fires at the bots. Thorn dose not need to to anything but help guard the fallen bots. 

Thorn stands guard and watches as two more bots are lead, at gun point, to were the prisoners are kept. The yellow bot points up. Every pair of optics turn to look. 

'It is the prime.'

The prime lands on the plat form and attacks the war monger. She can not see what happens, but has no time to think as the prisoners start to move. Thorn sees what happens before the mechs do. She takes her weapon and blocks the attack of the white, green, and red mech, from killing the trooper to his right. The other troopers are not so lucky, the are killed by the other bots. Thorn kicks the bot back and protects her master. The green bot knocks her back. The two meck run at Shockwave. Thorn intersects an attack, she starts to fight with Shockwave, the two are perfectly in sink with one an other, do to Thorns programming. They fight until the bots retreat. Thorn and Shockwave turn around to see Darkmount exploding. The tower begins to fall

"Soundwave we require a ground bridge. Thorn come."

Thorn silently fallows Shockwave through the bridge.


Chaptre end.

Hope you enjoyed.


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