Chapter 1

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"Mother!" with a swift turn Hope prayed she would find the person whom she had been looking for. But, alas, she was yet alone.

A shrill scream crowded the stale air which caused the heart of the young one to jump in its place.

The sight of the old hollow trees, beneath the pale and shallow sky, did not ease the unsettled feeling in Hope's guts.

She did not know where she was, nor how she got there. But, she knew she was the cause.

Though can you blame her?  She just wanted to feel the warmth of her mother's embrace, the tenderness of her touch.

Nothing seemed to make sense to her anymore. She couldn't even see clear considering the fog, and her tears, that were covering her sight.

Shivering, the cool breeze did not fail to raise the goosebumps on Hope's dry skin. Another shriek was heard, however this time it wasn't caused by an anonymous, but by the brunette herself. She swallowed the lump in her throat and let out a heavy breath while she looked down dreadful at the knife that was penetrating her stomach. Trying to swallow in her cries, Hope grabbed the hood of the knife pulling it out slowly listening to the shredding of her own skin as she did. Quickly, she wiped away her tears and set a hand on her wound as she continued to walk around in the darkness trying to find her mother.

Hope loved flowers, she bought herself a bouquet every-time she was able to, but the sight of the black dried flowers that were surrounding her made her feel sick to her stomach.

" Mother! If you hear me, please help." She cried out desperate to see a familiar face.

"What did I do to myself? There has to be some way to go back." Hope took a three-hundred and sixty turn as she slowly trying to acknowledge what she could from her surroundings. All that she could assemble from all of this is that the place was definitely not a heaven on earth. 


After walking around aimlessly for what seemed to be hours, Hope gave up. She sat down on a rock she came across with and let out an extended breath. Light was no longer a familiar thing to her, and she didn't even know the time. Every-time she looked at her wrist watch she'd find the arms either stuck, or rotating around vigorously.

A gust of wind wacked her in the face causing her to close her eyes immediately, a rotten smell accompanied the wind, with lots of ashes.

Hope sighed yet again, and rested a hand on her wound to check the bleeding. She furrowed her eyebrows when she couldn't feel the blood nor the wound. "What the heck? That's it I'm going crazy."

"You're not going crazy." A figure chuckled, standing in-front of Hope, startling her. The brunette didn't know whether to be excited that she found someone in this desert, or scared. You could say she felt a little bit of both.

"If I'm not crazy then what the hell am I? I woke up in the middle of nowhere, I saw a knife stabbing me, which by the way was probably hallucinations, since there's no trace of it."

His charmingly timid eyes stared at her waiting for the ramble to end, a small smile capturing his lips. "You're not crazy, you're dead." Her plain eyes couldn't do anything but to stare at him.

Dead? Are you serious? Is all she could think of. I mean she did attempt suicide before she showed up in this place.

"You're right I'm not crazy, we both are."  She gave him a sarcastic smile and got up to start her journey again.

"You can walk all you won't but you're not going to find anything. We're in the dead world Hope, you're stuck with me."

She was surprised that he knew her name she wasn't going to lie, but at that point she didn't think it was important enough to mention it. She was nowhere she knew, with no one around but a creepy yet handsome guy.

"Okay let's talk hypothetical. Let's say that I do believe you, why would I be here?" she spoke tiredly as if she was forcing words out of her mouth. She came to realize that ever since she came to this place, she was no longer the energetic person she once used to be.

"I'll sit down because this is going to take some time." He sighed and sat down on the rock she previously had sat on, then continued. "You're here because your sins and good-deeds weight each other, they're equal. That's why you weren't sent to hell nor heaven. You could have been sent to heaven if you didn't burn yourself."

"I burnt myself for personal reasons, I don't need you to act as a priest here." Hope licked her chapped lips as she looked down on the grass, and yup just as she expected; It was dead. "How do you get out of this place? What do you even eat?" she felt naïve and stupid the moment those words escaped her mouth. Like, he was dead of-course he didn't eat.

"Forget what I asked." Tears started to build up at the edges of her eyes as everything started to sink in. She really did this to herself. After all the attempts she ended up killing herself, but at what cost? She was probably never going to see her uncle, brother, boyfriend or anyone she had ever cared about anymore.

"Look this is all overwhelming, but it'll make sense with time. Just don't overthink it'll cause you to hallucinate and eventually lose your mind." Ah, fantastic, what's better than losing your mind?

"What's your name?" She looked up at his bemused and vivid eyes, and she could tell she took him by surprise. He was never once asked personal questions. No one really cared about knowing him, they were too worried running around trying to find an exit; he ended up hitting them on the head and chaining them to the trees, by the way.

"I go by the name Louis, my darling." He gave in a small bow and held her hand while he did so, "But some call me Lucifer."

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