Every person on his planet is bound to something that controls them. For some it's food, for some other their appearance, or their work. When the invisible hands that are squeezing your neck and are forcing you to look ahead without taking a breath suddenly let you free, that is when you are truly able to live your life. For twenty years that is what happened to Jang Eun Cheon. The death grip pushed him and his beloved family underwater, but he fought the grim reaper and came out of the dark, avenging those he had lost with the greatest revenge.

But at which price?

After he exited the building he knew by heart, he could finally breathe. It was as if he had once again resurfaced from the black pit of the river he was thrown into and was inhaling all the air he could, so he would not suffocate. This time, the sun was up and the road was clear, but he didn't have to look only in one direction since he wrapped up his past life like you tuck somebody into a casket. This time, he had said goodbye being a dog and he was ready to take the leash and get rid of it. To finally control his life and his life only, without needing to manipulate the life of others as well. Simply put, he was free.

After he received the letter with the application, he knew that fate wanted him to go back from where he had left a couple of years before. He knew that was the place for him despite he tried so hard to isolate himself and live like a hermit. He liked being lonely, but he also thirsted for company.

"So, how did it go?" Yong Goo, the only friend who had been loyal to him, asked through the phone.

He smiled to himself while he was sitting on a bench close to the river enjoying solitude. If he thought about it, that river was just like him. Apparently cold but deep. "How do you think it went, huh?"

Yong Goo laughed. "From the tone of your voice, I'd say it went well. Seen any known faces in there?"

He sighed. "They'll reveal the results next week" he liquidated him quickly, without replying to the question. "But I'm positive."

"I can investigate their database for information, if you want" he offered.

"No" he said firmly. "You've promised not to use a computer again for that purpose, remember? Moreover, you know I am a patient man."

Anyone could tell he was. I he could wait 20 years to execute his revenge on Jung Mal Ran and the Jang family, he could wait a week. A part of him was a little anxious, but not for the run to become CEO. He tried to put aside any worry he had for the moment.

"Yes, I know that well. Ah, hyung. The realtor just called me and said that house you checked online is vacant now. Want me to send you the address and his number so you can call him?"

"Sure, send it. I'll call him and go check everything right now, since I don't have much to do anyway" he giggled. "I'll let you know about it later, ok?"

"Take your time. I'm sure nice things will come out of this" he said, then he hung up. He didn't know why, but he heard Yong Goo laugh before he ended the call.


The realtor said he would be available at 4pm, so he took his time to eat in a random place that cooked traditional meals and to walk around town. He had never had the pleasure of doing so, because he had always been the one who drove others around to places they liked. Only when he didn't have to work at weekends he could go where he wanted, and it usually was somewhere far from Seoul and bathed in nature and no buildings. The people who lived closed to him were toxic, but he was thankful there still was a part of his country that wasn't rotten to the core.

He arrived thirty minutes earlier than the appointment and looked around the property. It wasn't in the center of the city, but in a place closer to the woods and mountains. He knew that if he were to reprise his CEO role at Cheong A he would have to wake early to reach the office in time considering the traffic he would find if he were to buy this house. But he didn't care. This house was the closest he could find to his ideal home because it was enough far from pollution and greed. It looked like a bubble he wished could shield him from rotting himself.

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