Chapter 5

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QOTD: What's something you previously learned? I learned black ants can live up to fifteen years.

I stared up at the ceiling silently

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I stared up at the ceiling silently. Kasey's quiet snores were heard across the room filling the silent air. 

I turned on my side and sighed quietly. I missed times like these where Neil would comfort me, even Elijah. From the first glance I gave them I was intrigued. They watched me with a certain look in their eyes and smiled brightly.

I missed that.

Flash Back:

My hand skimmed over the canvas seeming to know what is was doing before my own mind did. "That's beautiful." My hand stopped for the first time in an hour. The cramp my mind had been blocking out seemingly came within seconds.

I set my brush down and smiled shyly at him. "Thank you, Professor." He stood beside me as his eyes roamed the paint on my canvas and grinned.

"Would you mind if I hung it up once you're done? In the art studio."

"Oh- you don't have to do that."

His smile widened. "Is that a yes? I'm sure more people than just I would appreciate your gift."

My eyes were hopeful staring into his blue ones. "Really?"

"I wouldn't ask if I weren't serious."

I cleaned my hands nervously with the dirty towel rag I've been using for the past hour. "Of course."

My breath hitched when his hand squeezed my shoulder and lingered for a moment. "You have a good day, Maya."


Walking past my portrait that was still hanging in the same spot as last year I now noticed that it was much too amateur to be placed among the others. He was surely giving me special treatment even when he was strictly my professor. Why Neil hasn't taken it down was beyond me.

My whole restless night was consumed with thoughts about him.


I inhaled sharply and smoothed out my wrinkled work uniform. He was right there.

Tearing my eyes away from his hidden figure I stocked more cans of pineapple on the shelves. When I glanced back he was already staring at me. He smirked and looked back at the paintbrushes in his hand.

Quickly looking away I let out shaky breath. Where was Kat when I needed her? "Do you have a moment?" Do not look at, don't look at him.

I looked at him.

His smirk morphed into a charming smile and his eyes danced with mischief. "I'm working."

"Strictly work related."

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