Mark's ideal type

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Ideal Looks
pale skin, small gesture, cute but at the same time sexy and pretty.

Ideal Personality
supportive, talkative, be able to make decisions, interesting, mysterious and different.

-"I like a girl who makes me want to be with them. There's those girls you meet but you forget about them, then there's the other girls who you keep waiting to meet. Those kind of girls."

-"I think I would like to have someone different to me by my side. Even though we might not match each other, it won't be as quiet and awkward as it would be."

A Korean celebrity that closely resembles his type

Ideal Date
-"I would like to go for a walk with her, in the snow or along the beach side. But watching a movie or having a meal would be nice too."

-"I guess a date at a ski resort is a must in winter!"

Favorite Women's Fashion
v-line t-shirt or oversized t-shirts and tight skinny jeans, for hair dark brown chest long with long bangs.

Favorite Gestures
when she eats carelessly and when making a ponytail.

A phrase a girl can say that will make him happy
he likes the way that she looks when she talks, it doesn't matter what she says.

Views on marriage
Unfortunately, he hasn't expressed his views on marriage.

Questions and Choices
Pick the your answer from 10 keywords:
cute, cool, fashionable, kind, impulsive/spontaneous, long-haired, short-haired, good at cooking, someone who makes you want to protect her, mature

↬ cute, fashionable, kind, someone who makes you want to protect her.

Q. What kind of girl do you prefer to date?
☑️ Cute girl / ☐ Pretty girl

Q. What kind of girl that'll make your heart throb?
☑️ Ditzy girl/ ☐ Considerate girl

Q. If you have a girlfriend are you the type who will say "I love you" everyday?
☑️ Yes / ☐ No

Q. When you have a date with your girlfriend, what clothe do you like her to wear?
☐ One piece dress/☑️ Skinny jeans

Q. What do you want to do when you have a date?
☑️ Holding hands/ ☐ Locking arms

Q. Your girlfriend's nostril hairs are sticking out, what will you do?
☐ Tell her / ☑️ Don't tell her
-"I'll pluck them out for her while saying "It may hurt a bit..."."

Q. How would you comfort your girlfriend, if she is tired from work?
-"When she comes home exhausted from work, we will go and eat something she likes. We will chat while we eat. After she feels better, I'll make her have a good sleep so she can recover from her exhaustion."

Bonus Dating Stuff
If dating, he wants to keep his relationship private until marriage.

He used to date, before debut when he was still living in LA, a girl named Holly Vuong.
You can hate her. but don't send hate TO her. She used GOT7 for fame and almost ruined their reputation with the help of her and Mark's friends.

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