Chapter 1 I wanna see your animal side

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Raven's POV

Honestly, the last thing that I wanted to do today was get up and face the day. My alarm on my phone went off, blaring Fall Out Boy's The Phoenix throughout the room.

Put on your war paint!

"No," I grumbled at my phone. But the music kept playing, even though I willed it to stop.

You are a brick tied to me that's dragging me down

Strike a match and I'll burn you to the ground

I'd had enough of that. "And I'm about to throw you across the room if you don't shut up and let me sleep!" I yelled at my poor phone. I threw my covers over my head, and the alarm finally stopped. Ah, peace at last. I think I had slept only five minutes before my alarm started blaring again. I threw my cover off, took my phone, and threw it across the room. I heard the precious glass shatter on the floor.

"Well, shit," I mumbled. I got up and walked over to the now shattered phone, careful not to step on the glass that was littered around it. This was the only phone that I had ever received, and it was the only one that I was promised. Ms. Bell said that if something happened to this one, I would have to earn the money to replace or fix this one.

I bent over and grabbed the phone and put it on my nightstand, sighing. Why did I just have to have anger problems? I walked into the bathroom to get ready for the day but stopped at the mirror. My dark brown hair cascaded down by back in dark waves, but my brown eyes betrayed every secret and problem I'd ever had. They had no light in them, sunken with bags that told of my nightmares. Then because I was just wearing a tank top, I was able to see the scars on my wrists and legs. Some of them were healed and were just simply scars, but there was a large majority that were done just recently and still hurt to touch. In all actuality, I looked like crap.

I sighed, figuring there wouldn't be much to fix it. So I simply walked back into my room and grabbed my black Fall Out Boy shirt, black jeans, a grey beanie, and my black and white Chucks. I then realized that I had forgotten my glasses, so I quickly retreated back to the bathroom to grab them when I saw what remained of my black framed glasses.

"That's what you get, bitch."

I turned around and saw Courtney, the main mean girl of the orphanage. "Are you kidding me, Courtney?" I said through gritted teeth.

"Do I look like I'm kidding? You're pathetic and don't deserve anything, much less those glasses." She said with an evil smirk.

"Courtney, those glasses help me see! I'm practically blind without them!" I said. I wasn't lying. Those glasses were pretty much what got me through the day. Right now, I could barely make out a silhouette of Courtney.

"Oh well." She said, walking out of the bathroom.

"All girls from ages 15-17, please make your way downstairs please." I heard Ms. Bell say over the loudspeaker. It's an adoption day, people are coming to look at us, I have to go down there, and well, it looks like I'm going into this blind. (no pun intended).

I slowly walked to the wall and put my hand on it, following the wall until I got to the top of the stairs. Then I put my hand on the railing of the stairs and went slowly, careful not to step too fast because then I would end up falling. I was maybe halfway down the stairs when somebody pushed me. I stumbled down, hitting pretty much every part of my body that could be hit on my way. As I reached the bottom of the stairs, I just sat there.

"Ughh," I said as I heard kids laugh. I sat up and rubbed my head, but realized that there was something sticky on it. I pulled my hand away and realized that there was blood. I sighed, mostly because I was more used to this than I should. As I got up, I knew that I had to clean up the blood quickly because of the potential adopters. I already knew that they wouldn't choose me, but hey, I still wanted to look halfway decent today.

After about five minutes of struggling, I finally got all the blood off, but at the expense of my makeup. I opened the door and walked out, keeping my head down, mostly just to make sure I knew where the hell I was walking.

I ended up walking straight into something. My plan of looking down didn't work. When I looked up, I realized that I couldn't make out the face of the stranger that I had so rudely rammed into. The only thing that I could really make out was that he (at least that's what I thought the person was. It's rude to assume these days) had a hat on.

"Sorry," I mumbled quickly. I walked away before the person could say anything, hoping that I could just simply disappear. Opening the door to the room that I had entered so many times before, sitting in the chair in the corner, away from everyone.

I had been looked at by exactly 158 families since being born. So, I guess that means that I must have something that looks good to potential adopters. But, the only problem is, is that I can't figure out what it is. That is what has gotten me rejected by all 158 families.

"Raven?" I was so deep in thought that I didn't realize that the people looking to adopt had already entered the room and were trying to talk to me.

I looked up. "Hm?"

"I asked how old you are." The man said. I squinted hard, trying to make out some sort of feature on this man. Apparently, my squinting looked like I was making a face at him. "Is there something wrong?"

My eyes widened slightly. I just screwed up one of my last chances at adoption. All because Courtney decided to destroy my glasses. I felt the tears threatening to push forward. For some reason, it felt like the walls were closing in and all eyes were staring and judging me. My breathing hitched and my heart rate spiked. I got up quickly and ran out of the room. I had to get away from here.


hey guys! so this is my first fanfic ever, so please forgive the quality of it. Um, I guess you could say I'm pretty pumped for this chapter! As always, the first person to comment will get a tag in the next chapter, regardless if it's already been posted.

Love from the other side of the screen,

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Pebbs xx

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