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Your POV
Chanyeol drove to my house and we reached in no time. It was super awkward as I had  forcefully kissed him in a public place in front of my ex with his "girlfriend" or something. We got out of the car and went in the house with all of our stuff.

"Sh*t! I am so sorry I made you pay for all of this!" Chanyeol exclaimed when we kept the stuff on the counter.

"It's okay Chanyeol, you treated me out to lunch anyways." I sighed.

"But stil-"

"It's okay! You don't need to apologize! Now shush!" I kept my index finger on his lips. They were soft and squishy.

I looked at the clock and it was exactly 7 o'clock.

"You were right Chanyeol, we came back by 7." I told him.

"I told you we will come home by 7." He smiled and mocked.

Chanyeol went and sat on the couch and started scrolling through his phone.

"So, which movies do you have Chanyeol?" I urged and started keeping all of the food stuff at their places.

"I have 'The Ring', 'The Excorcist', 'Conjuring' , 'Annabel-"

"Why do you only have horror movies?" I asked him. I am afraid to watch horror movies, but I don't exactly dread them.

"Because I feel like it." He responded.

"Where is the TV?" He continued.

"This house has a little theatre room in the back. I will take you there."

The darkness of the night filled the sky by the minute. I kept the popcorn packets in the microwave and waited for 2 minutes.

Chanyeol checked the temperature of the cold drinks and then took them out of the fridge.

"Do you have beer glasses?" He asked.

"Yeah, they are in the upper cabinet." I replied.

He took out a beer glass and poured the whole cold drink can in it. It filled it up 3/4ths and then Chanyeol added half of a beer can.

"That seems legit." He said as he downed the other half.

My eyes widened.

"Why are you drinking?" I asked.

"Because I like to roll that way."

I took the popcorn out of the microwave and  emptied the packets into 2 bowls. We then walked to the theatre room. The chairs were such that each chair could recline easily with a foot rest and had a side table attached for drinks and snacks. There were in total 10 chairs and a huge projector.

"Ok, so which movie do you wanna watch?" Chanyeol asked.

"I don't know. Probably none of them." I answered.

"Okay, it's just 7:30, so let's watch one of your movies first and then we will watch mine." He said.

"Okay, fine by me." I said and picked a movie.

I decided to watch 'Belle' (not the beauty and the Beast or anything, it's an amazing movie).

Chanyeol took his waist coat off and he was left wearing his black pants and his white shirt. He ruffled his wavy brown hair and sat down with his drink and popcorn.

"Hey, mind if I slip into something else?" I asked.

"Yeah yeah, go ahead. I am waiting here." He said and I went to my bedroom which was on the first floor.

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