chapter 3

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(hey guys! im back and i gave yall a longer chapter. comment and let me know how you like it! pls and thank you!)

arie ignored luke and slammed her locker door as hard as she could without breaking the door off. she turned around and walked into B13 her english class, which had calum in it and was pretty much her only enjoyable class she had.

she sat down and opened her pack and got her book out and her spiral notebook. calum usually sat next to her but she looked up and the teacher, named mrs. donna started babbling on about luke... our new classmate.

"hello class! we have a new student joining us for the rest of the school year!  and i want all of y'all to to welcome him with your arms wide open!" she exclaimed with her heart full. who would want to welcome his poofed up hair that holds up his fat ass head. some random guy named john had to put his two-sense in...

"yeah, don't open him with wide legs right ladies!" that joke got a couple of laughs but not from mrs donna or me. luke however laughed harder than anyone. i mean there is no doubting his is very attractive. he had a dimple like the ones i had. bright baby blue eyes and he just looked like he could throw you all over if you know what i mean. but he took my best friend from me. so i don't care what he looks like he's an asshole.

calum sat two desks from and he told luke to sit in the middle of us. i'm pissed. calum and i have sat next to each other for years! and i cant believe he put him in between us. im not talking to him ever again!

as class ended arie walked out in rage. she was livid, she walked outside of school and right to her car. it was an old volkswagen red drop top bug. she worked at a pizzeria that she saved up to buy her dream car. she got in and started it up. calum came running out of the school and up to her car.

"arie! please wait. dont hate me!" calum screamed threw her driver window. arie rolled down the window all the way so she could talk to him.
"calum! that is so unfair to me. you know we sit together." she frowned as calum still talked.
"come on. give the guy a chance. come by my flat later and we can order pizza!" calum tried to convince her. she nodded her head and drove off. it was going to be an interesting night.

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