Jackson's ideal type

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Ideal Looks
tanned skin, athletic, healthy and with small gesture.

Ideal Personality
powerful, energetic, mature, caring, be able to take care of herself and others, supportive, smart, determined, lively, cheering, charming, lovely, humble and respectful.

A Korean celebrity that closely resembles his type
SNSD Sunny

Western celebrities that closely resembles his type
Emma Watson
Nicki Minaj

An athlete that closely resembles his type
Song Ga Yeon

Ideal Date
-"Normal stuff! Like going to the movies, going to a restaurant and just hanging out. I want her to feel comfortable that's all."

Favorite Women's Fashion
Simple top, shirt or blouse with mini skirt, dark colored hair in a pony tail or a bun.

Favorite Gestures
when she pouts and when she brushes her hair.

A phrase a girl can say that will make him happy
"I wanted to meet a guy like you."

Views on marriage
Although he wants to find the one, date and have a normal love life like most people do, he doesn't feel ready yet. He says he can't date, since he can't take care of himself.

Questions and Choices
Pick the your answer from 10 keywords:
cute, cool, fashionable, kind, impulsive/spontaneous, long-haired, short-haired, good at cooking, someone who makes you want to protect her, mature

↬ cool, fashionable, short-haired, mature.

Q. What kind of girl do you prefer to date?
☑️ Cute girl / ☐ Pretty girl

Q. What kind of girl that'll make your heart throb?
☐ Ditzy girl/ ☑️ Considerate girl

Q. If you have a girlfriend are you the type who will say "I love you" everyday?
☑️ Yes / ☐ No

Q. When you have a date with your girlfriend, what clothe do you like her to wear?
☑️ One piece dress/ ☐ Skinny jeans

Q. What do you want to do when you have a date?
☑️ Holding hands/ ☐ Locking arms

Q. Your girlfriend's nostril hairs are sticking out, what will you do?
☐ Tell her /☑️ Don't tell her
-"I won't say a word. Instead I will pretend to not see anything and tell her "I have an urgent business" then leave right away."
(he was joking)

Q. Have you confessed to anyone after your debut?
☐ Yes / ☑️ No

Q. Have you ever been confessed to?
☐ Yes / ☑️ No

Q. Have you ever failed at flirting with another girl?
☑️ Yes / ☐ No

Q. Brains or looks?
☑️ Brains / ☑️ Looks

Q. One who loves you or you love?
-"We both need to love one another and our parents."

Q. How would you comfort your girlfriend, if she is tired from work?
-"While food and presents are good, there is a limit to what those can do. I think what is important is to always watch over her. I want to be a reliable guy who helps her immediately if something happens to her."

Q. When you look at a girl, where would you look at first?
-""I will be like a scanner, scanning her from top to bottom."

Q. Do you like someone that make the first move?
-"I don't care cause i will make the first move."

Q. What would you give to your girlfriend for her birthday?
-"A birthday cake."

Q. What would you cook to your girlfriend?
-"Instant noodles."

Bonus Dating Stuff
he has dated 5 times before his debut.

the first girl he dated was a Caucasian.

he dated a girl older than him when he came in Korea.

if there is a language barrier, he will try to learn her language as fast as possible.

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