The Fight

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We all hear isami screaming at issei and then they come into view.

Isami: you are not going to tell me what i can and cant do. so what i was hugging somebody and i dont give a damn if you dont like him.

Issei: i dont want you around him he cant be trusted and for all you know he could be a creep.

then koneko jumps in.

koneko: says the pervert who peeks on the kendo club.

i started laughing and then i notice he turns to me.

Issei: you will stay away from my sister.

YN: how about no your sister is my friend along with everyone else here so you need to calm down.

Issei: how about you shut the fuck up thats my final decision and if you go anywhere near her i swear on satan.

YN: you'll do what.

at this point im in his face and im not happy.

YN: you know what youre not even worth my time.

i go to leave and he says something that really pisses me off.

Issei: that's it go cry to mommy.

I stop at the door and everyone feels a massive amount of energy all of a sudden rias comes out of the shower and looks at everyone.

Rias: whats going on akeno why do i feel like there is a massive amount of energy in the room?

Akeno: I t think its coming from YN.

rias: ok what happened between them?

Yumi: Issei wanted to Ask YN why he was hugging his sister and why he was here and who he is and long story short issei forbid his sister from being anywhere near YN and now their fighting.

at this point they could feel the murderous energy im giving off.

YN: thats it i have heard enough coming out of you pathetic little mouth you bastard you want to act all tough but all i see is a little boy who needs to know his place on the food chain.

my hair turned gold and my eyes turned green and then i used instant transmission and grabbed him by his hair and threw his ass outside.

my hair turned gold and my eyes turned green and then i used instant transmission and grabbed him by his hair and threw his ass outside

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YN: You talked about my mother and you think that its funny to do that let me tell you one thing. Those who joke about my family will not live to tell what happened to them so i suggest you take back what you said.

the other members of the orc are running outside and trying to calm me down.

Koneko: YN calm down i know the pervert deserves it but please relax.

Rias: YN please stop.

im trying to calm down but he used his boosted gear and got me and i hit the wall i was getting up and was going to walk away because his attacks didn't hurt instead they tickled like a little feather so i was about 20 feet away from him when he said this.

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