Chapter:17 ~ Don't Stop (Part I)

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Note: The below content maybe MATURE. I know you don't care about this note. Enjoy reading.


Ariana's POV:

I opened my eyes to see a handsome face lying beside me. He looks cute....damn cute. I felt his heavy hand over my waist which still has not left that possessive grip over me. He did not stop making love to me the whole night.

My every ounce of body does not seem to regret what just I made myself into.

I confessed that I love him but why does all this seem so empty! If only we were have been still married, I promise I would not have felt this much regretting.

I wish two years ago, if only I had been a little strong and if only once, I could have asked why he did all that to me!

But I felt so weak that I was unable to hold myself. How could I dare to ask him if I myself was not able believe that he never loved me.

It took my every second trying to forget him but I felt more attached to him. Because of that one night when you said you love me, I was unable to forget you.

Even if we were arranged to marry, I swear I loved him from the moment he put that ring on my finger.

I remember vowing to love him till my last breath, then how could I just forget him like nothing!

I remember his kiss after we came from the party. I remember when he used to look at me and smile. He was rude sometimes but never disrespected me.

We didn't share bed but he shared me for that one night and I just can't get over his feelings in this whole life of mine.

A tear fell from eye and I came into my senses that I am lying naked beside him. The duvet seems to make me less embarrassed but still I can't deny that it feels awkward.

His shirt is the closest thing I can approach from this distance but I need to shift a little. His hand has taken a brief grip on my waist as if I will ran away from him just like he said before.

I can never ran away from him even if I want. 

I stretched my hand to reach his shirt but I was unable to touch it. Just a little inch and there I go. But... this but is the reason I can't.

Before I could shift a little more he pulled me back to his chest and tightened his grip on me. I gulped at his touch. I am able to feel his every single muscle against me.

'You don't look pretty in clothes. Just stay like this only.', He whispered in my ear as he placed his head in the crook of my neck.

My back is in touch with his chest and I am able to feel his breathing rhythm on mine. I can't believe that he just said that.

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